Actor Josh Brolin Takes to Instagram Over His Brutal Burns from Hollywood's Latest Fitness Fad: 'Perineum Sunning'



Have you ever wanted to do like the song says and “let the sunshine in?” Hollywood actor Josh Brolin did.

Being open to new experiences, Josh decided he’d try the brand spankin’ new fad of perineum sunning.


If you’re unfamiliar with where your perineum is, I reference its more pedestrian name in this article.

As for the wellness trend, Instagram’s Metaphysical Meagan lays it all out for ya — but before we go any further, beware of some rather explicit bodypart talk and a bit of vulgar language. I wouldn’t normally include such content, but consider it a public service message — the “L” of which is optional.

Here’s Meagan:

For the past few weeks I have included sunning my bum & yoni🌺 into my daily rising routine.
☀️Many of you have been asking about the benefits of this practice:
⚡️30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on!⚡️
Taught by @ra_of_earth & @certifiedhealthnut (This is an ancient Taoist practice that’s been around for a while!)
Things I’ve noticed personally In my reality since I’ve implemented this:
🌞Surges of energy almost immediately!
🌞Better Sleep
🌞Better connection to my Sexual energy & control of my Life Force⚡️
🌞So much Creativity flowing through my life!!🧡
🌞Attracting my desires & intentions with ease.
🌞Attracting soul tribe & people who are on the same frequency and wavelength as me.
☀️I’m spending a maximum of 5 minutes in the morning doing this. @ra_of_earth teaches that 30 seconds is more than enough sunshine exposure down there!
☕️This is truly more energizing than slamming cups of coffee and is a great alternative to consuming neurotoxic coffee & caffeine that can disrupt your adrenal gland health.☕️
🌞This is such a simple game changing practice!!
⚡️Try it out & let me know your experience⚡️ ☀️You can do this any time the sun is out… I prefer early in the morning!☀️

[Screenshot from metaphysicalmeagan via Instagram,]

The budding practice is getting lots of exposure as more and more people take a crack at it:

[Screenshot from ra_of_earth via Instagram,]
[Screenshot from certifiedhealthnut via Instagram,]

The idea apparently touched Josh in a special place.

Still, why’d he strip down and moon the sun?

Perhaps it was his sense of adventure, as we saw in True Grit. Or his boldness, illustrated in Avengers: Infinity War.

Or maybe it was all about The Goonies — the 1985 hit in which the star brings One-Eyed Willy into the light.

Whatever it was, it didn’t go so well. Here’s col– I mean, Brolin. It’s explicit, but I implore you — learn from his mistake:

“Tried this perineum sunning that I’ve been hearing about and my suggestion is DO NOT do it as long as I did. My pucker hole is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family and instead I’m icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the pain. I don’t know who the f*** thought of this stupid sh** but f*** you nonetheless. Seriously. #blackholefriday #blackholesun #severeperineumburns #santamonicafiredepartment #a******care”

[Screenshot from joshbrolin via Instagram,]

Sounds like Jeff’s onto something: You should think twice before leaving yourself wide open for a buttload of burnin’. seems to agree:

“As a dermatologist, I cannot recommend any sun exposure without sun protection,” Nazanin Saedi, MD, Director, Jefferson Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Center, tells “These areas just like other areas of the body do need sun protection and clothing tends to provide that.”

David E. Bank, MD, founder of Mount Kisco’s The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, takes it a step further: “It’s actually dangerous,” he explains. “This skin is particularly sensitive.” Over time, it could result in an increased risk of skin cancer, he adds.

Both physicians point out that there is no scientific evidence to support this behavior promotes and sort of wellbeing—which can be attained through other safer options like “relaxing, meditation, and mindfulness,” says Dr. Saedi.

And if you’re truly worried about your vitamin D intake, you may want to consider taking a vitamin—not totally exposing yourself to the sun. “The recommended amount of vitamin D is easy to get from a healthy diet or supplements,” Anna Karp, DO, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Health, tells Health.


So there ya go — some of you fitness fanatics may wanna give it a go, but remember to always wear sunscreen — that’s a must for any health nuts.

And you might wanna try only a minute or two, lest you end up like Josh.

Could a little sun where the sun don’t shine feel good for just a bit?


Butt maybe knot.


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