Pundits on the Left Lament the Growing Whiteness of the Democratic Dais - 'White Supremacy is Not Just a Fox News Problem'



If the Right is white, how dark are the Dems?

With Sen. Kamala Harris dropping out of the race for 2020 glory, some on the Left are casting shade on the shade of the remaining candidates poised to take down that world-famous hooded Hitler, Donald WhiteGuy Trump.


On Twitter, liberal commentator Sally Hohn put down the pallor of the primary possibles.

It’s a “bad look”:

“Obviously I’m no centrist but it’s downright effed up that smart, compelling, *very* experienced, centrist Democratic candidates of color are floundering while a smart but wildly inexperienced, centrist white mayor of teeny tiny city is surging. Bad look, Democrats.”

Is Kamala a centrist?

Either way, feminist columnist Laura Duca decried Democratic discrimination…actually, abject white supremacy — even as horrible as Fox News’s:

“Kamala Harris officially ended her campaign today, which means that all of the candidates who currently qualify for the December Democratic debate are white (Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer). White supremacy is not just a Fox News problem, folks.”


She’s sure not wrong about Uncle Bernie’s Caucasian color. That guy could be on a box of oat meal.

But let’s not forget that Cory Booker’s still in the game. In fact, he just released a (perplexing) new campaign commercial. Check it out here and feel the love.

Still, Kamala’s exit hurts — just ask the Center for American Progress’s Adam Peck:

“It’s really f***ed up that straight white male billionaires (plural) are going to qualify for the next debate while Kamala Harris is leaving the race. Like, immensely.”

As noted by The Daily Caller, journalist Judd Legum’s bummed about Booker’s banishment; December’s debates bring a White Christmas:

HuffPost’s senior culture and politics reporter, Laura Bassett, is upset about all the rich white dudes — you can’t even remember those guys’ names:


Rewire News’s Imani Gandy hates that RWD crap, too:

And activist Adam Best believes it’s a conspiracy:

Call him left of center:

So the Democratic dais is collapsing. Rich white dudes like Elizabeth Warren are likely to be the nominee.

And she’ll probably lose to Donald Trump (here). And that guy’s as white as they come and rich as all get-out.

If only he’d lost in 2016. At the time, America had a real chance. After all, in addition to being a woman, Hillary’s in no way either white or rich.





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