Jon Voight Gives Thanks for Trump, Praise to God, and Wow - Look How Far We've Come

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It’s an odd thing: Back during the 20th century, Hollywood appeared to be a varied place; so far as anyone could tell, entertainers ran the gamut from conservative to liberal. Boy have things changed — so much that every time I hear Jon Voight speak, I’m in shock — I can’t believe that’s an Oscar winner, Angelina Jolie’s father, and Brad Pitt’s (now former) father-in-law. He’s Mr. Hollywood, and he’s crazy about President Trump.


And on Thanksgiving, he reminded the world.

In a post captioned “I want to give thanks,” the actor began with well-wishes for the holiday followed by praise for something else you rarely hear about from Tinseltown talkers: God.

“I want to take a moment to wish everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Differences are part of life. All have free will. But when differences become evil and want to destroy, this is not what He wants of us. We are made of love. And we all have the same desire, as I’ve said before: to love. Give love. Be love.”

There’s not a ton of apparent love in the room as of late. Politics — as with any ideological arena — is, by its nature, divisive. But we’ve sped past amicable disagreement and hit full-on vitriol, thanks to, in my view, a less-informed-than-ever populace, a host of inciting partisans, a breakdown of community and family, and the emboldening isolation and anonymity of social media.

So Jon asked what I believe is a very good question:

“Can this nation have love? Can this nation understand differences without destroying another?”

Then the star turned to his higher power:

“A mother, a father teach their children what they learn. Some have learned by books, some have just learned because their parents learned from their parents — the rules. The truths. The untruths. What is truth? He is the only truth that guides with no evil intent. One: God.”


From there, Voight expounded upon the incessant attack from across the aisle on the Commander-in-Chief:

“These liberals have much hate with evil intent to destroy a president who has taken on this nation’s safety with perfect eyes. Yes, eyes of our God’s liberty. Let us gift this unity of the United States of America. Let us lift the darkness upon this evil, this evildoing against President Trump. “

On November 21 — along with, among others, the staggeringly heavenly-voiced Allison Krauss — Jon was awarded a National Medal of Arts by the President.

In his post, he thanked the Leader of the Free World for the accolade and for being all he is to the nation.

Amid his gratitude, the patriotic octogenarian offered quite the poignant reflection of America’s torn fabric — “My wish would be for all to know you like I do.”

Or, how ’bout everyone just stop with the ridiculousness — like this.

Anyway, here’s Jonny:

“My fellow Americans of the United States of America — I’m proud to be American. I was honored a great Medal of Arts from the White House, from President Trump. And an honor it was. Thank you, President Trump, for your greatness, your kindness, your wiseness. And love for the arts, for the heroes, for the American people. My wish would be for all to know you like I do: a man of integrity and trust and safety for this noble label, ‘the President of the United States of America.'”

And now for something upbeat, but not tempowise — watch Jon get up and cut a rug, buddy:


Back to my opening comment, I hope you’ll watch this and marvel with me at yesteryear’s Land of the Beautiful People:

Stunnin’, ain’t it?



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