Alyssa Milano Breaks Down in Her Plea to End a 'Humanitarian Crisis' Over the 'Arbitrary Lines' of America's Border

[Screenshot from Yellow Red Sparks,]
[Screenshot from Yellow Red Sparks,]


On Thanksgiving, a video was tweeted showing actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano have what some folks where I come from would call a “come-apart.”


According to Alyssa, America is “destroying children’s lives.”

And we’re doing it for the dumbest of reasons — “arbitrary lines”:

“We are destroying children’s lives. Because of f***ing arbitrary lines in the sand.”

Alyssa, of course, has every right to disagree with how things are managed at the border. And, being that government is running it, I’m sure improvements could be made. Putting that aside, I do find it odd when people talk as if America’s past is something wholly different than it, in fact, is.

What do you think she means by this:

“We can’t let this be the new normal. This is not what this country is founded on.”

If I had to guess by using context clues including her “arbitrary” mention, I’d say she’s suggesting that — up until this point in history — our nation never enforced its borders.

It’s very possible that I’m wrong.

If I’m not, boy is she

Either way, the outspoken Democrat says in the post, “This is not innately who we are. As human beings.”

Through tears, Alyssa laments are failings. And it’s time to take an accounting:

“We’ve gotta take inventory of this. Of what’s happening. At the humanitarian crisis at the border.”


It’s unclear as to why she was so emotional at that moment.

As per Twitchy, the clip is from Periscope. There are instances of it on Twitter from at least as early as the 26th.

As is always the case in politics, there was a bit of pushback:

Some were more critical than others:


Well, she doesn’t mind letting her emotions show.

Hopefully, she’s having a better Thanksgiving than that (I mean that, Alyssa).

And hopefully, you are too.



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