Black Leader in Pete Buttigieg's Hometown Endorses...Biden for President. Pete's in Trouble

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg addresses supporters at a campaign event, Thursday, May 9, 2019, in West Hollywood, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg addresses supporters at a campaign event, Thursday, May 9, 2019, in West Hollywood, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)




How’s South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete doing in the race for 2020 glory?

Well, he’s previously received negative publicity where black Democratic voters are concerned — it’s a bad sign when a Black Lives Matter leader comes all the way from California to fight you (here).

Also not the best indication: when the longest-serving black man on the South Bend Common Council endorses Joe Biden instead of local you.

And Joe’s done something as goofy as brag that he can hang with black people ’cause he’s not even uncomfortable around ’em.

See for yourself:

Meet Joe Black: Biden Does His Best to Convince Black People He’s Down – By Insisting He’s Not Even Uncomfortable Around Them

But Council Vice President Oliver Davis thinks Biden “has an understanding of the Midwest.”

Plus, there’s this, as told to Politico:

“When you’re flying in the middle of a storm, you want to make sure you have steady, experienced leadership. I believe that Vice President Biden has demonstrated throughout the years by having a steady hand, he can help lead us through these times, and with all of the challenges we face nationally and now even internationally, he has the relationships, has the skills, and I think he can bring us together in different ways.”


As for Pete’s issues with black voters, Oliver pointed out that it’s “not a new problem for him.”

Due to the issue, the council member doesn’t believe Buttigieg can kick enough butt to attain America’s highest seat of power.

“For us, this has been a consistent issue that has not gone away,” he explained.

And what an issue it’s been.


…And that’s called very bad press.

Oscar revealed a homosexual history that may be surprising since the mayor is openly gay:

Davis said Buttigieg was missing in action during his failed 2010 run for state treasurer, when Davis and other local leaders were fighting for LGBT rights.

And as a listener, so far as Oscar’s concerned, Pete stinks:

[D]avis said he has tried to give Buttigieg advice — to no avail — on issues ranging from body cameras for the police department to improving minority contracting to not holding an event on a Sunday at noon because many residents, particularly African Americans, are still in church at that time.

If only, Oscar reckons Pete would be absolutely unstoppable by anyone:

“If he had followed our advice and had worked with a diverse team of leadership with the police department, with the fire department, with the purchasing, with those kind of things that we have officially written to him … If he had done that with the skills and talent he has already put together, who would be able to beat him? That’s the frustration where I stand on that.”


There could also be a case made that — as seen in the video above — the candidate has the charisma of mop water.

But even with the electric appeal of Elvis, Pete still might find it difficult take out Trump — because he’s Elvis, too:




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