An Image Appears as Hilarious as It is Terrifying. Do You Believe the Conspiracy? Meet Greta Thunberg, Time Traveler

[Screenshot from Jonathan Cretsinger via Twitter,]
[Screenshot from Jonathan Cretsinger via Twitter,]


Aaaand it’s here: both hilarious and terrifying.


I’m talking about evidence that, perhaps, Greta Thunberg is older than she’s let on.

About 105 years older.

The Church of Sweden seems to think she’s supernatural (here); perhaps they’re right.

For the creepiest thing you’ll see all year, I give you a photo reportedly taken during the Klondike Gold Rush.

According to HuffPost, the image — shot by Eric Hegg in 1898 — is part of the University of Washington’s Special Collections archive.

And featured in the photo is a girl who looks exactly likenot just kind of like — Greta Thunberg.

Here’s a comparison:

Cue the obvious conclusion: Greta is, let us all take a moment to marvel, a time traveler:


One user had a different, more spiritual take:

There was also this otherworldly theory:

Some were freaked out by the dog:


One user’s discovered another traveler through time and space. Maybe they go on trips together:

Someone believes they’ve cracked the mystery of the photo:

But there’s skepticism there, too:

But how does Greta feel about it all?

It could be a little bit of this:


How about you? Is this not the most disturbing thing you’ve seen all year?

What do you think, and will you sleep tonight?

You shouldn’t be able to, anyway — as we’ve been informed, we’ve destroyed the planet, and we’re all going to die.

And just in case you’re not terrified, to make sure I deliver on my promise, here ya go:



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