Sen. John Kennedy Compares Jeffrey Epstein to Drywall and Christmas Ornaments: 'Things That Don't Hang Themselves'

[Screenshot from CSPAN,]
[Screenshot from CSPAN,]


On Tuesday, Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy sounded off on the alleged suicide of sexually conspicuous financier Jeffrey Epstein.


Epstein had a history with powerful people and, reportedly, an island where substantial naked exploits occurred among the mega-rich. Then snap — he’s gone, thanks in part to his guard failing to check on him.

Plus another guard doing the same.

And a security camera not working.

Plus another one.

Why would anyone question it?

But John does.

In fact, at a Senate Judiciary hearing with the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he compared Jeffrey to a couple interesting things:

“Christmas ornaments, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein – name three things that don’t hang themselves.”

He doesn’t think the story should fade away:

“That’s what the American people think…and they deserve some answers.”

As you may have heard, Epstein’s brother funded an independent autopsy — by world-famous forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden — which concluded the jeopardized jailbird was murdered.

For more on the subject, I encourage you to watch the following clip of Joe Rogan’s interview with Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi.


Something brought up in the discussion — in addition to Bill Clinton’s purported 26(+) plane trips with Jeffrey — is the media’s hesitance to cover news casting shadows on both Democrats and Republicans.

According to Matt, generally, Fox is only interested in items that incriminate Dems, whereas, for MSNBC, it’s only anti-GOP headlines that get the juices flowing.

Epstein’s rubbed shoulders with a broad world of elites:


That — as well as complexities including national intelligence protocols — could be reason for the media to drop the story like a hot potato. Not to mention the common journalistic practice, as per Matt, of choosing stories based upon their impact on future access to newsworthy people.

What do you think about all this?

I look forward to finding out in the Comments section.



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