A Famous Chef Attacks Hypocritical Hollywood Climate Clatterers, and It's a Beautiful Day in the United States of America



Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s cookin’ up a batch of scoldin’ for Hollywood related to entertainment’s harping on climate change.


At Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, Wolfgang slammed elites who put him down for driving a gas-powered vehicle rather than an electric one.

At the event, he was asked directly if there were any life changes he’d make due to climate change.

Puck thinks celebs are full of bull hockey:

“I was always very concerned about the environment — sustainability. I’ve always believed to use local ingredients, you know? So, what can we do to help? Like, I have a lot of people in Hollywood. They say, ‘Oh, you’re still driving a car with gasoline,’ and they are driving a Tesla. And then I find out they also fly a private jet and that uses 10 times more gas in one trip to New York and back than what I use in a year with my car.”

Right. Or how about this — it’s contradictory if they choose to fly at all.

It seems to me, if you want to tell other people what car they should drive, you should first stop riding in those gigantic vehicles with wings.

Also, Hollywood — which is, the case could be made, partly a trucking industry — might wanna stop doing things that require other things to be done.

The unnecessary act of producing shows and movies requires an incredible amount of transportation and electricity and additional resource-devouring across multiple industries.

A greener endeavor would be to hand-whittle small items and sell them at the local in-barefoot-walking-distance farmer’s market, set up at a table between the hydroponic Japanese tomatoes and the gluten-free, soy-free yogurt face creams.


Once anyone gives up their big Tinseltown career and does that for the sake of the planet — I’ll listen to anything they have to say about saving it.

And as soon as they give up every cent of their assets beyond that of the average American, I’ll listen to them about taxes.

Back to Wolfgang, he lamented that not everyone’s taking a stand against global warming — including some in government:

“And I think when you think that our government today doesn’t believe in it — or at least the President doesn’t believe in global warming or anything similar to it — I think it’s really sad. But the rest of the world, really, they all know we have to change because we don’t want to be responsible that one day our grandchildren are going to say we f****d up the world.”

If you’d like to know a little more about the famous food man, here’s a bit courtesy of The Daily Wire:

Puck opened his first famous restaurant, Spago, in 1982. The Wolfgang Puck Companies encompass over 20 fine dining restaurants; Puck is the official caterer for the Academy Awards Governors Ball.

Puck, who grew up in Austria, was asked in 2018 whom he idolized as a kid. He replied, “As a kid, even before I started cooking I remember John Wayne in the movies. I didn’t see many movies but for his. To see John Wayne as a cowboy, seeing America, it was an amazing inspiration for me to say I want to go to America and see what’s going on.”


Unfortunately, “what’s going on” is some people trying to tell other people how to live, even though they don’t hold to the principles themselves. And I’m not just talking about entertainers.

But that’s alright — the sun’s out, it’s a beautiful Fall day, and #fartgate is a trending hashtag.

I’d say we got it pretty easy.



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