The New Age of Virtual Signaling is Here, and It's Bound to Make You Wish You Were Never Born: Welcome to the Woke World of Anti-Natalism



Are you so woke, you wish you’d never been awake?

Raphael Samuel is.

The 27-year-old intends to sue his parents. Their crime: instigating his existence.


He complained to the BBC that it’s not fair:

“It was not our decision to be born.”

And why would anyone want to be:

“Human existence is totally pointless.”

Speaking to The Guardian, the Indian man said he’s actually close to his parents and his life is good. Nevertheless, in his view, it’s immoral to bring people into the world without their consent.

He’s jazzed to sue mom and dad for a symbolic sum — such as one rupee — “to instill that fear among parents in general. Because now parents don’t think before having a child.”

Sounds like he’s the one to fix it all — his grand purpose is to make clear once and for all that no one has one.

Samuel describes himself as a narcissist. Oh, sorry — that’d be an anti-natalist.

Here’s more from The Guardian:

The basic tenet of anti-natalism is simple but, for most of us, profoundly counterintuitive: that life, even under the best of circumstances, is not a gift or a miracle, but rather a harm and an imposition. According to this logic, the question of whether to have a child is not just a personal choice but an ethical one – and the correct answer is always no.


There’s a great deal of sense to it. It’s the next logical step. Who’d wanna live on this heap of floating dirt? We’re being told the planet’s infested with the KKK; the Leader of the Free World is “ending democracy as we know it” (here and here); and the world is ending in 12 years, anyway.

Plus, the average person walking the earth has seen 72.3 movies based on the goofy notion that we’re epidemically overcrowded. Humanity has become what Ronald Reagan said about government: Mankind isn’t the solution; mankind is the problem. Why not not contribute to it?

Furthermore, several notables in the Party of Kennedy now believe it’s fine to murder a baby seconds before it’s born (here and here); life apparently has no value. And with family, faith, and community going the way of the dodo bird, it additionally has no purpose. Our existential crisis is an existential crisis.

Young people are pledging not to have children; they should’ve had the right to choose not to be children.

Hence, Raphael’s laudable lawsuit. However, his righteous revolution’s catching a bit of a snag:

“I have been clearly told by a sitting judge that I will be fined by the court for wasting its time.”



But the most virtuous among us are lending their support: In May, 37-year-old Dana Wells — otherwise known on YouTube as “The Friendly Antinatalist — posted a video featuring a mention of the suit by Stephen Colbert accompanied by her praise of Raphael’s heroics:

“We all owe you a round of applause. It feels like we’ve arrived. It feels like the big time!”

Watch her brimming with life over the opposite:

How wonderful it must be — to feel elated over the notion of never having been able to feel things, including elation. She’s blessed to be so cursed.

And Raphael’s the wasted life that’s not been wasted in order to prove it’s a waste.

But don’t mistake him for a truly original thinker (like this guy); people’ve had the idea before:

In 2006, the South African philosopher David Benatar published a book which is widely credited with introducing the term anti-natalism. In Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence, Benatar quotes the Greek tragedian Sophocles (“Never to have been born is best / But if we must see the light, the next best / Is quickly returning whence we came”) and the text of Ecclesiastes (“So I have praised the dead that are already dead more than the living that are yet alive; but better than both of them is he who has not yet been, who has not seen the evil work that is done under the sun”).


So the meaningless of life has been around for quite a while, and it’s about time you got with the program.

You may serve up your share of stylish signaled virtue; but the truth is, it’s probably all pitifully bush league.

Sure — some are satisfied with the status quo thrill of claiming a life woker than woke; but if you really want next-level euphoria, there’s only one way to go:

You haven’t lived ’til you’ve wished you hadn’t lived.



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