Hilarious: A Meteorological Institute Erroneously Reports Left-Affirming, Record-Setting High Temperatures in Greenland. Guess What Caused the Malfunction



The world is coming to an end soon, and climate change is just as Al Gore has said, and entertainers are scientists, and radicals shutting down 22 intersections and hanging from a bridge like world-saving dingleberries can’t be wrong.


Global warming — the flaming threat we’ve been warned about for years — is upon us.

Case in point: The Danish Meteorological Institute reported a record summer heat for that icy, ironically-named North American island, Greenland.

The DMI — a significant player in the Denmark-owned territory’s climate-monitoring system — reported a “shocking” temperature for early August.

Pats on the back for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all others who’ve been proclaiming our impending doom. Y’all were right on the money. This planetary utopia has been perilously roasted by — as our good friend, weather expert Beto, preached — “our excesses.”

Therefore, like Kiss sang (and — holy cow — Petra copied),Heaven’s On Fire.”

Congratulations, everyone, on understanding the molten lava state of a gigantic sheet of ice.

The recorded temperature was between 37F and 40.5F.

But hold off on the recycled party hats just yet.

Unfortunately, as noted by Electroverse.net, there’d been a mistake:

Just a few days later the DMI posted a tweet retracting that record temp, saying that after a “closer look” (whatever that means exactly) it was revealed that the monitoring equipment had been giving “erroneous results.”

“Was there record-level warmth on the inland ice on Friday?” said the institute’s tweet dated Aug 08. “No! A quality check has confirmed out suspicion that the measurement was too high.”

By combining measurements with observations from other weather stations, the DMI has now estimated that the temperature was more like -2C (28F) — quite a difference, and still only a guess.

“You could say that this is good news from a climate perspective,” Herdis Damberg, one of the Institute’s meteorologists told Danish state broadcaster DR. “There are probably a lot of people wiping their foreheads saying that it’s pretty good that it wasn’t [40F].”


But the reason for the equipment’s error was especially notable.

The DMI believes the boosted temperatures were caused by poor ventilation around the thermometers.

And that impaction was due to…

Wait for it…

Heavy snow.

Sort of reminds me of this:

It’s okay, climate heroes — you’ll get ’em next time.

Hang in there, dingleberries.



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