A Man in Louisiana's Been Arrested for Pretending to Be Autistic - so He Could Have His Diaper Changed



Even as an adult, sometimes you just need a change.

But hopefully, it isn’t the kind craved by 29-year-old Rutledge Deas IV.

The aristocratically-named Louisiana man — who has no physical disability or medical condition that would require assistance — enjoys a freshening-up from time to time, courtesy of a removal and reapplication of his soiled clothing. His diaper, to be exact.


As it turns out, the switching of his unnecessary pampers provides quite the thrill, and Rutledge previously came upon an ingenious way to receive his powdered pleasure.

The pooping prankster recently admitted to investigators that he falsely portrayed himself as an autistic 18-year-old in need of a babysitter.

From the affidavit:

He admitted to having paid [three women] their hourly babysitting rate to perform these acts with him, fully aware they were unable to consent to his “role-playing” because they truly believed he was mentally handicapped and that they were doing their job.

New Orleans station WDSU explained how Deas was able to acquire a university-aged coddling ladyfriend:

An Uptown man is accused of posing as a mentally challenged adult in order to coerce at least one college student he hired as a babysitter to change his diaper for his own sexual gratification, according to a warrant for the man’s arrest.

Maybe he was, like Billy Joel, looking for his Uptown Girl.

As for his getting caught, here’s the affidavit’s address of the student, who came upon Rutledge’s ad on the app Urban Babysitter:

She connected with Deas, who expressed he was seeking a babysitter for his younger 18-year-old brother, “Cory,” who Deas said was “fairly independent” but “on the autistic spectrum” and needed his diaper changed and to be “looked after like a small child would” when he regressed.

He was even able to get his kicks at the world’s largest gun retailer:


The college student babysat “Cory” several times, she told police, and changed his diaper six times at two different Prytania Street addresses, twice at her dorm room, once at the Walmart on Tchoupitoulas and once at the Prytania Street coffee shop MoJo, the affidavit states.

It’s a truly independent thinker who sits at home and tosses around, “You know what’d really be a turn on? To go with a girl to Starbucks. Then, of course, I’ll crap myself and have her change me.”


The student had not, to her knowledge, met Deas in person, though she had received pictures of “Cory” and an older person she was led to believe was Deas, the affidavit states. When Deas tried to pay the victim via Venmo, she looked up his profile out of curiosity, and noticed he had received money from a person named Andre. She looked up Andre’s full name on Facebook, and among Andre’s friends she found a profile for Rory Deas.

She “immediately recognized (Rory Deas) to be the ‘Cory’ she had babysat and whose diaper she had changed several times over the course of a year.”

“She stated she was immediately mortified and contacted the Urban Babysitter app to report her suspicions,” the warrant states. She received a response saying Deas’ account had been removed.

Rutledge was charged with “10 counts of sexual battery, 10 counts of human trafficking, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Mr. Pantsfiller told investigators he was sexually traumatized as a child and suffers from various mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. As per NBC2, he enjoys being “cared for as an infant because it brings him back to a time and place where he was at peace prior to his own trauma.”


But he in no way, he insisted, received any sexual delight from the diaper changes.

Oh — and he masturbates “to ‘diaper porn.'”

The big baby’s bond was set at $1,503,000.



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