A Shocking Mass Email Is a Sign of the Times, and a Bad One. Do You Remember When Companies Kept Their Politics to Themselves?

A Shocking Mass Email Is a Sign of the Times, and a Bad One. Do You Remember When Companies Kept Their Politics to Themselves?

When I was a kid, I knew a lot about Sears.

That was thanks to the store’s Christmas catalog.

I knew a lot about Service Merchandise, too — because I frequented its store.

I had a vast knowledge of McDonald’s because I ate its food.

And I knew furniture makers, from their ads. And clothing brands, courtesy of commercials.

Back then, it was easy to know everything about companies, because all there was to know was what they sold.

Whether you were white or black, conservative or liberal, religious or agnostic, it was all the same: Companies made things and did things for whoever wanted to make a purchase.

Man, I miss those days.

Unfortunately for all involved, corporations now want you to know so much more — like what they think about things like…you.

Are you right-wing? Left? Christian? Atheist? Pro-life? Not? Gay? Straight? Graight? 

The good people responsible for providing that cup of coffee in your hand or those shoes on your feet need you to understand: Here’s what they believe about NFL players kneeling; this is what they want Congress to do immediately; your family means this much to them. Or this little.

Thus, the world has gotten less comfortable. Any given purchase can present a moral dilemma — do you really want to support X freaks? Or shouldn’t you really be giving your money to Y? Sure, it’s only bubble gum…or, it was. Now it’s war.

In my opinion, the entire situation is crass. We live in a world where the insults are flinging — including from the companies we see at every turn. And, subsequently, from the consumers, back.

A friend received an email this morning that’s a great example of the worst commerce has to offer.

It begins normal enough: A spice company wants you to know about their sales.

What follows is a bit of this:


Sounds good.

Get you some Arizona Dreaming:

But then:

Wait — huh? Government?

And then:

That was accompanied by the following, to really spice things up:

You can scroll down to see our Milwaukee Pledge Card that shares our excitement for our hometown hosting of the 2020 convention and for the Extraordinary League of Candidates in contention for the nomination. Whoever wins will be more than capable to begin relaunching a new and more dedicated America on their first day in office. What a great day that will be. But if there is one point I wish every candidate was articulating a whole lot better right now it’s the one I think is the big one and that point is simple: America Matters.

Since last week one of our nine-year-old twins and I have been in Asia (it’s their first time apart). And what I can tell you is that this president has done exactly what our nation’s adversaries wished for him to do. That America, under this president and the Republican Party that placed him in office, is ceasing to be the world’s most forceful voice against corruption is heartbreaking. We must see through the impeachment of this president for his attempting to corrupt the government of Ukraine even if the outcome is just the Republican Party admitting they don’t care about corruption because they are nothing more than corruption.

For the world to see that the majority of Americans don’t support this party and its crimes means so much to the world right now, even if the end results are nothing more than proof that our system has been rigged to let them get away with their crimes. America’s voice matters to this world. As Americans, the impact of our votes doesn’t end where our borders begin. Americans care, Americans want to make a difference. Now is the time for every candidate to remind the world our values and our support for democracy are still very much alive. The world needs us.

Penzeys could use your help. So enjoy what it makes, along with the added plus or minus of political activism:

And we here at Penzeys could use your help to grow the reach of our voice of the robust kindness we have found at the heart of cooking. A big part of tonight’s offers is that for every dollar in new customer gift box spending we are committing 50¢ towards our Penzeys impeachment-themed ads on Facebook. So far we’ve reached 30,000,000 exposures. We could use your help paying for some more. Please tell your friends and family about us. Election Day 11.3.20 could be a blowout, but much more likely it will be decided by the smallest of margins. Please help our voice of resistance and unity live in those margins. Thanks.

No coupons or codes are needed online at for the $3-$5-$7 gift boxes worth giving discount, the $30 instead of $40 minimum spending for free regular shipping, or the Arizona Dreaming/Sweet Basil discounts. Free $7.95 Kind Pins will automatically be added to every order tonight. If you are looking for just the pin and nothing else enter KIND in the apply code box at checkout. Shipping charges will apply, but to make it easier for first-time customers, until midnight we’ve cut in half the shipping charge on orders under $30 to just $3.95.

And don’t forget:

Thanks for your support; without you what we do would never be possible.

Here’s the subject of the email:

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Penzeys has made a splash here at RedState — see 2017’s “Meet Penzeys, the Rabidly Leftist Spice Company that Hates Pro-Lifers, Christians and Republicans.”

Of course, companies have the right to sell whatever they wish, however they choose. And consumers have the right to pass or jump on the opportunity.

But, in my opinion, we’d be better off if all of the above was more stunning than it is.

It’s where we’re headed, as America becomes more fractured.

And that’s a bad thing, for everyone. It’s very far from the spice of life.

I want to go back to Service Merchandise. And the Sears Christmas catalog.

But I suppose the pain of progress is upon us.

Boy, is it.



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