Former Clinton Strategist: In Light of Michael Bloomberg Joining the Race, Don't Rule Out Hillary

FILE – In this Dec. 15, 2017 file photo, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to the GirlsBuildLA Leadership Summit in Los Angeles. Clinton is expressing regret about allowing a senior campaign adviser to keep his job after another worker complained in 2007 that he had behaved inappropriately. Clinton put out a lengthy Facebook post Tuesday, Jan. 30, 3018 saying that she wouldn’t have let adviser Burns Strider keep his job on her 2008 presidential campaign if she had it to do over again. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)[/caption]




Ex-Clinton strategist Mark Penn has a message about Hillary and the prospect of a 2020 Oval Office lunge: Don’t rule her out.

As you may have heard, billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s joined the race — he filed Friday to run in Alabama’s Democratic presidential primary. And, as per CNN, he intends to file in the Arkansas primary as well.

So will Michael joining the fight for the nomination dissuade a Hillary hop-on?

According to Mark — who appeared on Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures — it could go either way:

“There’s still a couple of days here. I don’t know whether [Hillary will] look at the Michael Bloomberg thing and say, ‘The field’s too crowded now, I missed my opportunity.'”

He added:

“Or the opposite.”

Right — if Bloomberg can do it, why can’t she?

Plus: The landscape is poor:

“Unless this field changed, Biden is a frontrunner, but a weak frontrunner. And a lot of the other candidates are too far to the left.”

And that’s what convinced Michael to give it a go:

“I think Michael Bloomberg saw that opportunity and made a pretty intelligent decision. For him, it’s now or never in terms of running for president. So why not get in and shake up the Democratic Party?”


Fellow billionaire Trump didn’t have particularly nice things to say about “nothing” Bloomberg’s big move:

“[I] know Michael. He became just a Nothing. He was really a Nothing. He’s not going to do well. But I think he’s going to hurt Biden, actually. But he doesn’t have the magic to do well. Little Michael will fail.”

And perhaps Trump knows some things we don’t:

“He’ll spend a lot of money. He’s got some really big issues. He’s got some personal problems, and he’s got a lot of other problems.”

Hillary’s got “some problems,” too. But I don’t imagine any of them keeping her from going for the Gold.

Mark noted what hop-along Hillary might be thinking:

“‘Wow the field’s weak, I could come in. I could get 165,000 donors, I’m tied with [Joe] Biden in some of these early states…’ There’s still a political logic there for her.”


I don’t think she needs “logic.”

I think she only requires a soul-encompassing, unquenchable thirst for power.




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