Kamala Harris Releases the Election-Night Tale of Her Trying to Console a Small Child Over Trump's Victory: 'This is Some Sh--' (Video)

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[Screenshot from Kamala Harris, https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1192972068998074368?][/caption] 


Have you been bothered and bustin’ to know what 2020 Democratic hopeful Kamala Harris thought about the 2016 election?


Well, fret no more.

On Friday, the candidate’s Twitter account offered up a glimpse into her reaction to election night’s monumental upset.

That would be, the night which produced things like this:


In the clip, the senator speaks to her team about the ascension of Lord Voldemort.

As part of the exploration of unfathomable horror, Kamala shares an anecdote about her little nephew (and godson?) running up to her, crying over the Vote Heard ‘Round the World.

“So, we just had a small family dinner, and many of you have met my nephew, my godson, Alexander. So, Alexander came up to me about 20 minutes ago, and he was teary. And I didn’t know if one of the other kids had kind of done something. I didn’t know what was going on. I said, ‘Come here, little man. What’s going on?’ And he looked up at me — I swear to God, he looked up at me and said, ‘I don’t want Trump to win. Did he win?’ And he’s crying. So, the tears of joy we shed when we elected Barack Obama, and then my little godson’s tears tonight ‘cause we might have elected Donald Trump…”

Well, she could’ve just told him everything’s cool.

But Harris had a different way of summing it all:

“This is some sh**.”

Score one more for political candidates using language that wasn’t allowed on Johnny Carson.


Hall of Famers: Beto (here), Rashida (here).

Kamala told her crew it was time to put up their dukes:

“And so, once again, our team, I think, will have to do what we always do, which is be prepared to fight. And to roll up our sleeves and fight.”

She said some more sh** as she revealed how they were gonna fight the future:

“I need you guys for what we’re gonna need to do now going forward, because I think our campaign is actually not over – but it’s a different kind of campaign. It’s not to win an office, but it’s gonna be a campaign to fight for everything that motivated us to run for this office in the first place. Because I think there is no question that everything that we have been talking about, in terms of everything from criminal justice reform to climate change to immigration…”

And here we go:

“[T]his sh** is now really on the line. There is no guarantee that we are any closer than ever before, and we may actually be further behind.”

Going back to the story of her nephew, she basically made sure he knew the President was Lex Luthor:

“And when I look at my little nephew, and he looks up at me, he’s looking at me for inspiration. And I’m trying to find the words to tell him –something that makes him feel better.”

How about just, “Everything’s cool”?

“And so I — actually, because he loves superheroes — I start to say, ‘Well, you know how your superheroes, when they’re facing a challenge, and the mean guys are coming at ‘em, what do they do?’ And he said, ‘They fight back.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, so we have to be like superheroes, and it’s okay to have emotion. Superheroes — all good ones — have emotion. But we’re gonna have to fight.'”


She also confirmed Trump’s  supervillain status to her team:

“I’m so afraid that if this guy actually won, we’re gonna have whole communities of folks who are just gonna retreat. They’re gonna be so damn scared about what this all means for them.”

Perhaps I’m more relaxed than most, but, to me, a fine reaction from her would’ve just been, “Oh well.”

That doesn’t look to be her style. So in the war against evil, she’ll have to figure out where to go from here.

As noted by The Daily Wire:

Harris hasn’t risen above 7% in any national poll since mid-October, and as of publication, sits in fifth place nationally with 4.5%, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average.

And here’s a bit of early voting:

In Iowa, the RCP average has Harris in sixth place with 3.3% of the vote. In South Carolina, she’s in fourth with 7% of the vote. In New Hampshire, she’s in fifth with 4% of the vote. In Nevada, she’s also in fifth with 4.3% of the vote. Even in her home state of California, Harris sits in fourth place with just 8% of the vote.

Will terror take hold once again, or will a Democrat heroically rescue America from the sinister clutches of X-Men offshoot MAGAneto?

It remains to be seen, but I’d say presently things aren’t looking very good. Kamala’s party seems too caught up in Impeachment Mania to care anything about something as pointless as an election.

The current situation appears to have gotten her so worked up that she can’t even answer basic questions:


Stay tuned, comic book fans. I guess that would be, not Marvel…but DC Comics.



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