Open Borders? A New Report Shows Almost 70 Million U.S. Residents Are Speaking Something Other Than English



A few years ago, in response to the notion of a resolution naming English as the country’s official language, a prominent Democratic politician said it wasn’t necessary — it’s already obvious.


Is it set to remain so?

As noted by, a report by the Center for Immigration Studies indicates there’s a whole lotta people speaking somethin’ else, at least at home.

Conservative Review submits an interesting proposal:

Imagine if the American people were told in 1980 that the non-English-speaking population in America would triple and rise to a level that is greater than the population of France.

That statement comes in response to CIS’s implication of 67.3 million people speaking a foreign language at home in America.

As per numbers from the 2018 American Community Survey, that’s roughly 21.9% of U.S. residents.

CR observes a powerful surge:

It’s not just the sheer number of foreign language speakers that is shocking; it’s the trend. The number has tripled since 1980 and doubled since 1990. The foreign-born population has grown seven times as fast as the native-born population since 1980. But even since 2010, when the foreign population had already ballooned, it has still grown twice as fast as the native-born population over the past eight years.

If you’re curious about the distribution of ESL (or English as No Language) residents, in nine states, the digits top 25%:

California 45%
Texas 36%
New Mexico 34%
New Jersey 32%
New York 31%
Nevada 31%
Florida 30%
Arizona 28%
Hawaii 28%


How do things fare in the five largest cities? The buncha peeps eschewing the ways of America’s motherland at home breaks down like this…obtener una carga de LA…

Sorry — I mean, get a load of LA:

Los Angeles 59%
Houston 50%
New York City 49%
Phoenix 38%
Chicago 36%

Among foreign-language use, in terms of popularity, Spanish dominates like the Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics: Español’s grown 12% since 2010, and it hits the boards with approx. 62%.

In fact, there are more Spanish-speakers in the U.S. than in any Latin American country — short of Mexico, Argentina, and Columbia.

Chinese snags 2nd place, with 3.5 million moving mouths.

The fastest growing languages: those from India and Islamic countries.

Arabic speakers have grown 46% in only eight years.

Since 2000, they’ve doubled.

If all this signals a mere skyrocketing of bilingualism, then good for America: It’s becoming more sophisticated.

On the other hand, if it points to a cave-in of inglés, that’s quite a different trajectory.

And with 2020 Democrats wanting to do away with that quaint notion of protected borders, we’re not sure to have millions more mastering the King’s any time soon.

It seems to me that language is one thing we need to share — it’s the way we connect, in order to be One Nation Under God.


Presently, we’re on our way to One Nation Under Dios/bog/Déu/xudo/Deus/Bondye/Ilaah/Tanrı/ღმერთი/परमेश्वर/하나님/พระเจ้า/الله.

And while all those words are, of course, beautiful to know and use, that’s gonna be one big-a** dollar bill.



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