A Beautiful and Moving Video Taken Amid California's Wildfires Shows A Horse Run Back into the Danger Zone to Rescue His Friends

[Screenshot from George Whipple Jr., https://twitter.com/gwhipp/status/1189579179848716289]
[Screenshot from George Whipple Jr., https://twitter.com/gwhipp/status/1189579179848716289]


Are you an animal lover?

And do you know they love you back?

If so, you’ll love a video posted to Twitter, taken amid the terrible fires of Southern California.


In the clip shared by George Whipple Jr., a beautiful thing is beheld: A horse who’s completely safe from the blazes gallops into the smoke and down a path — apparently, to rescue his friends.

The clips show the steed greet another large adult and an adolescent, at which point he turns around with the pack and they run to shelter.

Watch the moving exhibition of animal bravery and loyalty here:

Equine vet Betsy Connolly commented, explaining the horse’s actions:

“Horse vet here: Horses seek their herd mates when frightened. This is why a lone horse will run back into a burning barn. Only the most alpha stallion or mare will take point when in danger. Horses live by the code: stronger together.”

It’s a good code.

We might wanna look into that.

Above, I’ve referred to the hoofed hero as male, but it could certainly be otherwise.

One user remarked:

“That horse was a mare going back for her own baby. still utterly amazing…Motherhood beats out the terror of the fires.”

We might wanna look into that one, too.


Someone wrote:

“Animals are very intelligent. Blessed with absolute unconditional love!!!! Watch and learn, people.”

Another person observed:

“Looks like his family! Amazing how humans fail to recognize that animals have emotions very similar to what we call love and experience attachments to other animals similar to what we call families. Even as my faith in humans diminishes my faith in animals grow.”

“I adore animals. We don’t deserve them,” waxed a tweeter.

Oftentimes, I believe that’s true.



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