'Liberty Republican' Congressional Candidate Offers a New Take on AR-15 Mania: He's Holding a Giveaway for His Supporters



The AR-15 is a gun.

And like all guns, it shoots bullets.

And like all semi-autos, it only fires one at a time.

Like all rifles, it’s not used in the commission of the vast majority of gun crime.


However, it looks spookier than something a guy in the mountains might use.

Therefore, I guess…aw, I don’t actually know why…

But for some reason, the media and Democrats have been filling their britches over the gun for ’bout a couple years now.

And filling and filling and filling, ’til it’s in their socks.

And people who’ve witnessed the pile-up have begun filling their own, all over social media.

Because they have no idea — it would appear — what they’re talking about.

Well, everybody grab a clothespin — 31-year-old former Maine state senator and 2020 2nd District congressional candidate Eric Brakey is about to crank the poopin’ people’s output to Overload.

Rather than railing quizzically against a gun that has very little place in American gun deaths, Eric’s going the other way: On Thursday, he announced he’s giving away an AR.

Eric describes himself as a “Liberty Republican,” and he’s sockin’ to those in the political realm calling for confiscation. He’s established the raffle for all contributing to his campaign.

The announcement came on the fourth anniversary of Maine’s “Constitutional Carry” law.

Here we go:

“While Democrats in Washington want to take away our guns, I want to give you one. Private firearm ownership makes us all safer. To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of my Constitutional Carry law and Maine being ranked the ‘Safest State in America,’ we are raffling off an AR-15.”


According to U.S. News & World Report, after the state passed its carry law in 2015, overall crime dropped — placing Maine in the #1 spot for safest state in the country.

Additionally, from 2017 to ’18, the crime rate dropped from 9.3% to 14 violations per 1,000.

From the AP:

The figures released Wednesday show an increase in simple assaults and homicides, along with increase in adult arrests, the agency. But all other categories declined. Those include crimes like domestic assault, robbery and aggravated assault, the agency said.

Eric did his best Anti-Beto:

“If you want a Congressman who will stand up to the gun grabbers in Washington D.C., my record in the state of Maine demonstrates that I am the clear choice for Congress in 2020.”

And he tweeted some much-needed fact:

“Functionally, there is no difference between an AR-15 and a hunting rifle. If they can take away one, they can take away the other. As Maine’s next Congressman, I will always protect and defend our 2nd Amendment — just as I did passing Constitutional Carry in the Maine Senate.”


The “current congressman” referenced above is Rep. Jared Golden, who opposed Eric’s carry bill when they were both in the state senate.

So whatcha think about a Representative who gives away an AR-15?

The guy’s going his own way, and I know a few voters who’d greatly appreciate the triggering gun gimmick.

If you’re interested, sign up for the contest. And maybe win a cauldron of evil weapon of war automatic rifle machine gun just plain regular hunting rifle.



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