Meghan McCain Slams Dem Debate Performance and Comes Up With the Perfect Job for Beto

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]
[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Meghan McCain gave quite the negative review of 2020 Democratic candidates’ performance during Tuesday’s debate.


And one of those was good ol’ Elizabeth Warren, who — to the blonde fireball — didn’t do a good ‘ol job:

“I have many things to say. I was live-tweeting it because there’s only so much time in these segments. I will say — I thought Warren did a terrible job, and she was on her heels all night. And it showed just how horrible she actually is.”

Meghan also managed to call co-host Sunny Hostin a far-leftist (a characterization with which she disagreed), in response to her comment, “Did we watch the same debate?”

“I’m watching it as a Republican, and you’re saying that as a far left progressive. Mayor Pete came out swinging really hard, and I thought it was quite impressive.”

Is Meghan still a Republican? Her family’d decided back in April to endorse Biden (here).

GOP’er Abby Huntsman was impressed by Pete, too:

“I give mayor Pete, and Amy Klobuchar kudos. Mayor Pete, who I have liked from the beginning, but last night was his best performance yet. Biden also, but he delivers what Biden is saying I think so much better.”

Meghan’s comments on everyone’s favorite hunting rifle thief — Beto O’Rourke — were completely dismissive, but also, she had a really good idea.

As I covered Tuesday, Beto recently announced he’ll be exiting the political realm for good if he doesn’t snag the nomination (here).

That might not be a bad idea, since he’s seemed bent on saying things that make him wholly unelectable.

And when your campaign looks like this…


And holy heck, this:

…you might wanna broaden your options.

Therefore…Meghan with the win:

“I don’t know what Beto was doing other than running for MSNBC host. Coming up, I’m sure he’ll get a good hour.”




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