A University of Illinois Professor Posts an 'Anti-Racist' Biologist Job Opening That Will Blow Your Mind. Or Save the World



If two trains leave Tulsa at 3 p.m., 1 traveling at 75 mph and the other 85, and if the first goes east and the other west, how long will it take for them to be 487 miles apart?


The answer: White cisgender b*st*rds have systematically subjugated all others through social constructs and capitalistic manifestations of the inherent patriarchal evil.

Perhaps you haven’t learned the new math, but there’s a lot of it goin’ ’round.

Just see: “Seattle Public Education Posts Its White-Privilege ‘Math Ethnic Studies Framework,’ And It Just May Blow Your Mind

But for those of you who understand that objectivity is outdated and not subscribing to microagressions is a microagression and commiting a microagression is a macroagression, do we have a job for you.

Dr. Kate Clancy is offering the opportunity of a lifetime to one lucky “anti-racist, intersectional feminist biologist” jonesing for a PhD.

If you’ve always wanted to study how…

Well, I’ll just let her tell it:

“Are you an anti-racist, intersectional feminist biologist looking for an awesome lab in which to get your PhD? Want to study how environmental stressors (including those from structural racism/sexism) influence women’s & gender diverse people’s reproductive function?”


She’s nothing if not specific. Because, what if you were a racist intersectional feminist biologist? Wrong fit.

But if you’ve got the goods, she’s sittin’ on go to “advocate for you”:

According to her Twitter profile, Kate’s an associate professor at the University of Illinois. Her interests: “Harassment, discrimination, stress, and menstrual cycles.”

Apparently, she also hosts the Period Podcast, “a podcast about ladypart science.”

And if you’re worried about sexual violence in the world, Kate’s fixing it:

As for the job opening, she’s got some interest:

“Can I get a second PhD? Because I think I would love that environment!”

“I mean… it’s too late for me. But are you looking for postdocs?”

“Is the fall start strict? I have a current masters student who would be really interested in this, but doesn’t finish until end of 2020!”

“If this had been two years ago I would have been there in a second! Doing my PhD already but if/when you’re looking for a post doc in a few years, you’ll hear from me so quick”


Some naysayers got serious:

“Dr. Clancy, you should come see the institutional racism and slaughter of whites in South Africa. Some liberals call it payback. Was never this bad under Apartheid though. Read the book “Kill the Boer” by Ernst Roets.”

“Makes me highly suspicious of your work. The study of biology should have no political leaning, and to recruit on ideological bent is a huge red flag. I knew this crap was in the humanities, but it seems it’s metastasizing…”

“If you had any sense whatsoever you would be completely and utterly ashamed of yourself for spreading this ideological excrement. It is truly a clear indication of a deep disorder of the mind.”

And there was this head-scratcher:

But then there were these:





And this:

I’m posting this one mostly for the screen name:

And just in case you’re interested in the opening but intimidated by Kate’s academic disposition, she’s a chick who can get casual with the best of ’em:

[Screenshot from Twitter, https://twitter.com/WorstMemesis/status/1076877303861280769]
Apply as soon as you can, and the best of luck to all of you.



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