Bill Maher Slams the Far Left and Their 'Bullsh--.' What, Then, of the Future?



Are you tired of the far Left’s bullsh**?

Bill Maher is.

So says Bill Maher.

Bill occupies an interesting space these days — he’s most certainly a hardcore partisan Democrat, but he’s also a bit of an old-school liberal.


The effect of that combination, it appears to me, is that he’s virtually guaranteed to side with any given elected Democratic official but liable to vehemently disagree with the woker Democratic populace.

Resultantly, every now and then we find ourselves at the corner of Maher and Limbaugh — particularly where it concerns issues of free speech and political correctness.

On Friday’s episode of HBO’s Real Time, Bill welcomed guest Howard Stern — another interestingly-comprised political voice — to whom he remarked, “[Y]ou and I are the last sane people, because we’re liberals but we don’t go for all the bulls*** on the Far-left.”

Bill took particular aim at Dem 2020 hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (of whom Elizabeth blows out of the water my above guarantee, if not for my life-saving use of the word “virtually”), saying the pair are, well, kinda nuts:

“Obviously this is a fight between two wings of the party, which is almost every election. … [T]here is a far-left which I think would be represented by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.”

So who’s Bill’s man this time around? Well, in progressive fashion, his man’s a woman: Sen. Amy Klobuchar. He called her a potential dark horse, given that — thanks in part to impeachment, incidentally — Joe Biden’s on his way to Outsville.


Maher told Amy, who was also a Friday guest, “There is a center in the Democrat, a center-left wing — you’re plenty liberal, you’re plenty progressive.”

Klobuchar was down with that, and she used the opportunity to throw sand on her farther-left compadres:

“I want to win big, and if someone is looking to kick one hundred forty nine million Americans off their current health insurance in four years, then I’m not your candidate. If you want to use a bunch of hardworking people’s money to send rich people’s kids to college for free and I’m not your candidate. And just because people say ideas are bold doesn’t mean they’re bold. They may be bad.”


Bill also thinks Amy’s got an edge — among lots of dudes, she’s chickin’ it up. Although the host may have a different definition of  “center” than you:


“I’m saying it’s a lot easier to be on the center side of things, as Obama was, if you are not a white man. If you’re a white straight man.”

Amy may also possibly have a different kind of edge, as noted by The Daily Wire:

[S]everal former staffers reportedly told the Huffington Post that Klobuchar is prone to “bursts of cruelty” and to sending strings of abusive and belittling emails to staff in the middle of the night. Others said that Klobuchar “tasked them or their co-workers with performing personal errands, such as making her personal appointments, washing dishes at her home or picking up her dry cleaning” — duties senate staff members are prohibited from doing.

Either way, to Bill at least she’s not part of all the “bullsh**.”

But here’s a question: Nearly all the Democratic candidates are for late-term abortion (here); Julián Castro believes men can get pregnant (here) and weather is racist (here); Beto has promised to steal America’s best-selling hunting rifle from the homes of its citizens (here); and Cory Booker wants to sic the Department of Justice on any church that opposes gay marriage.

If Bill’s a dedicated Democrat but intolerant of the far Left, how’s he gonna deal with the party in another election cycle or two? As per his own characterization, they seem to be headed intently wheels-down, full speed ahead — on the boulevard of Bullsh**.




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