In Order to Ensure 'the Safety of Everyone,' a 12-Year-Old is Arrested and Charged with a Felony. The Reason is Incredible



Not so long ago in public schools, you could get in huge trouble for giving someone the finger.

Now, I think you can say the actual words. To the teacher.


They have to affirm your feelings and respect your “dignity.”

But the finger can still get you in hot water, just as it did a 12-year-old girl in Kansas.

She delivered the digit to some dudes and dudettes, and the police took her away in cuffs.

I’ll say that again: She gave someone the finger, and the police came to the school. And arrested her. And hauled her off in shackles.

Oh — she didn’t used the middle finger; it was the other one that did her in. The one next to her thumb.

As reported by The Kansas City Star, the youngster at Westridge Middle School was asked by a peer during a class discussion which classmate she’d kill if she could pick five.

Not a very nice question.

The chick shaped her fingers like a gun and pointed at four kids before pointing to herself.

Along with other classmates, she was sent to the principal’s office, where a school resource officer recommended calling the popo over her illegal possession of a firearm — I mean, firehand.

Cops cuffed her, locked her in the car, and raced her off to the Joint for processing.

She was charged with a felony for making a threat. Or, as court records put it, “unlawfully and feloniously [communicating] a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities.”


She was released to her mom.

The mother/daughter pair will have their day in court Tuesday.

Shawnee Mission School District spokesman Dave Smith told Kansas City’s Channel 41 the school had nothing to do with it:

“I want to be very clear: The arrest of this student was wholly unrelated to any district policy. It was a municipal police department decision, and our policies don’t impact police department decisions.”

The incident occurred on September 18th, and the girl’s now living in California.

Guess her parents wanted to put her somewhere less left-wing.

Jon Cavanaugh, the miniature criminal’s granddad, said the whole thing stinks:

“I think that this is something that probably could have been handled in the principal’s office and got completely out of hand,” he told the Star. “I’m really worried about my granddaughter’s future.”

But the Overland Park Police Department’s got a job to do, and by dang, they’re gonna do it. Hence, they assured the public:

“Ensuring the safety of everyone in a school, or community, is a top priority and requires constant vigilance.”


No word on whether she had a license for that finger, but if she’s got a spooky-looking knuckle, I believe that constitutes a “weapon of war.”




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