A New Study Reveals What Americans Really Think About Transgender Athletes in Women's Sports

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Do men have an athletic advantage over women?

Any given person’s answer to that question will doubtlessly hinge upon one crucial factor: Have they ever met a man and woman?


If so, the clear answer is Yes.

But what if the man takes hormones?

What if he does everything possible to make himself less than a man?

A new survey put that question to the public. The results of a Morning Consult study released Tuesday reveals that the majority of Americans believe men still have “a competitive advantage.”

Such was true in the case of Republicans, of Democrats, and of independents.

But the numbers weren’t as high as some might expect: overall, 57% agreed that men — who are, incidentally, bigger, faster, and stronger — have the edge.

Somehow, 20% declared dudes who’ve taken estrogen are in no way poised to beat the chicks.

Another 23% didn’t answer either way.

The study was performed in July, and it involved 1114 adults.

Comedian and UFC commentator — who appears to be made of cinder blocks — competently explained the male advantage in a recent podcast. Please see his description here. You’ll also find a stunning video of long-legged guys dusting a gal.

As Joe put it, it’s “cheating.”

How can a man not have an advantage in most sports? Generally, he’s much taller, with a much wider wingspan and a longer stride. And his muscles make women look like girlymen.

The topic is lately being spotlighted, as you know, due to the component of transgender identity. However, it seems to me that the two are unrelated — what is fair for women who are trying to excel in biologically female sports shouldn’t touch any corner of gender identity issues.


As Joe put it, in many instances, even untrained men have an athletic advantage over trained women.

But, of course, not everyone agrees — about anything.

In fact, as I covered in June, runner Cece Telfer — who’s mopped the floor with girls on the field — insists it’s actually young ladies who have the advantage over him:


He’s got 20% of the populace that may be willing to believe him.

If 57% believe men can beat women inappropriately easily, what’s that figure likely to be in another 5 years?

Are we headed toward a face-off with scientific reality that’ll once again allow female athletes to freely thrive? Or is this the beginning of the end for them?

I want to know what you think — and I look forward to finding out in the Comments section.



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