Gay Jewish Former Dem Dave Rubin's Event Gets 86'd by Antifa Threats and Accusations that He's Neo-Nazi Recruiter



It seems the world’s gone crazy, and we’ve hopped an ark, pushing off from the mainland of words that mean things and reaching the shores of Nonsense Island.


Therefore, now “immigrant” is the political and media word for “someone who chooses to enter the U.S. through means other than immigration” (here), “inclusive” means “an exclusive point of view” (here), and “anti-fascism” means “fascism” (here and here).

And often, it seems, “conservative” just means “Nazi psycho.”

Maybe it’s time to shake the English Etch-a-Sketch and start all over.

Let’s come up with words that actually mean the thing the words actually mean; that’d be nice.

Until then, a pro-fascism group which bafflingly calls itself Antifa(scism) continues its fascistic terrorism.

Hence, gay former Democrat (and great guy to check out) Dave Rubin has announced that his upcoming September 29th event with People’s Party of Canada leader and Canadian Prime Minister candidate Maxime Bernier at Hamilton, Canada’s Mohawk College has been canceled.

The decision was made due to threats by Antifa. That would be, the decision was made due to threats by blackmaskedviolent fascists.

Another reason for the cancellation: an article in The Hamilton Spectator labeling Dave a “far-right YouTube personality.”


Rubin called the piece nuts:

The evolving “classic liberal” host blasted the article’s author, Evan Balgord, who’s also the Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

More backward word usage?

The normally strikingly civil Dave had some interesting usage himself, such as “sniveling” and “weasel.”

I’d say that isn’t hard to understand, given this incredible statement in the article:

Dave Rubin is a far-right YouTube personality and a significant part of a radicalization process ushering people into the neo-Nazi movement, according to a recently published study out of Cornell University which analyzed 79 million comments and over 330,000 videos to track the effect.

I have a response: Nah-ah.

Here’s Dave’s:


Speaking to the Post Millennial, Rubin said he doesn’t know what happened:

“I don’t know where these threats came from, nor who the ‘journalist’ who wrote this ridiculous piece of fiction is. I was looking forward to talking to Maxime about freedom and liberty in front of hundreds of good people. I intend to be at the event as expected.”

Here’s another bit from the goofy write-up:

Hamilton is a front-line of hate group vs. anti-racist and anti-Fascist action in Canada, and the PPC’s decision to have the event at Mohawk during the election is deliberate. Many in their base hate anti-racists and anti-fascists and share fantasies of fighting them and watching them be arrested. By inviting a demonstration against their event the PPC is feeding red meat to their base.

The Daily Wire describes more about the article, which doth hath dumbness:

Balgord limned PPC as racist, writing, “So many PPC supporters and organizers have been exposed as bigots, members or supporters of hate groups, radical conspiracy theorists, or full-blown neo-Nazis that it’s hard to keep count.” Then he segued to Rubin, who is gay and Jewish, sniping that he is “a significant part of a radicalization process ushering people into the neo-Nazi movement, according to a recently published study out of Cornell University …” He continued, “Either would be counter-demonstrated in Hamilton, and with the current environment it promises to be tense. Mohawk can expect anti-racists to show up and their own students to demonstrate.”


The editorial encouraged the college to cancel despite the country’s Freedom of Speech policy, due to safety and security issues.

There used to be a phrase: “the American conversation.” It seems we’re losing that, as opponents of ideas — including ones of which they’re actually unaware — appear to increasingly want to place duct tape over mouths that might speak them. On Twitter, users block contrary voices, and Google takes what you look at on the web and feeds it right back to you the next time you search.

The above story, of course, takes place in Canada; but it mirrors the trajectory of our land to the south.

In my opinion, we’d all be a lot better off if less time was spent trying to prevent speech and more investment was made in listening.



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