Kentucky Governor Releases an Ad Fighting for Female Athletes' Dreams of Success: 'What if That Shot was Taken Away?'

[Screenshot from Campaign for American Principles via YouTube,]
[Screenshot from Campaign for American Principles via YouTube,]


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has released a new ad in his race against Democratic challenger Attorney General Andy Beshear.


The video proposes a world where Beshear-backed policies leave girls with the short end of the stick in the world of sports.

“All female athletes want is a fair shot in competition,” the ad’s narrator says.

“What if that shot was taken away by a competitor who claims they’re a girl, but was born a boy?”

It’s a really good question, and it’s happening to girls already — see here, here, here, and here.

Men and women, of course, are extremely different. It’s in the name of fairness that we have male and female leagues.

Here’s Joe Rogan with a great bit of explanation about all that:

The Kentucky ad summarizes:

“Andy Beshear supports legislation that would destroy girls’ sports. He calls it ‘equality.'”

Then comes the part of the ad I don’t understand: “Maybe.”


Moving on:

“But is it fair?” the narration asks.

In a move that I find shocking, Democrats are pushing for a day when a female boxer faces down a man who’s poised to break every bone in her face.

And this is the party for women?

Strange way of showin’ it.



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