How Does the Future Look? Here's a Small Reason to Find Hope in Tomorrow, and a Reminder of What Hope Can Be



Where is America headed?

For the answer, some look to Washington.

But I say, if you want to behold the future, turn on your TV. Switch on the radio.


What messages do you hear? What world do you see?

That is our tomorrow. And tomorrow looks bleak.

But there are spots of light; reasons for hope.

Perhaps this is one.

Recently, pop star Justin Bieber has been sharing prayers from Pastor Judah Smith. Sharing, that is, with his 119 million followers on Instagram.

Judah is the leader of megachurch Churchome, which has congregations in Seattle and LA.

The minister voices the prayers himself.

Below is an example, with Justin’s caption, “Here’s a guided prayer. When you have a quiet moment get into a comfortable position and listen.”

Justin adds, “They have really been helping me and thought I would share.”

The pastor reads a portion of the 23rd Psalm.

Here’s another:


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This is a guided prayer. Find a comfortable position and enjoy this experience

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


Judah speaks to a Higher Power:

“God, you’re greater than my fear. God, I know that you’re in control…God, I thank you that I am your child and you watch over me because you are my father…”

Disney star Kyle Massey, from the show That’s So Raven, commented on the meditation about fear, “I hope everyone is listening to this entire thing like I am. This is powerful.”

As reported by Fox News, Justin recently led worship at the church’s Los Angeles location.

I can’t imaging living in his shoes…the offerings of the world have surely been debilitating. But I believe he’s a young man who wants to do right. Wants to do good. Wants to be a reason for hope.

Judah had something perhaps surprising to say about the singer:

“Justin Bieber has taught me far more than I could ever teach him about what it means to grow and walk in humility and be someone who really wants to follow Jesus.”

The future is a scary place. But Judah has a suggestion:

“Fear is such a dominant part of people’s everyday life. … [I] believe that we can find reprieve, and rest, and even ease our fear, as we put our focus and our trust in God.”


Perhaps that can help you. And me. And the world. Today. For a better tomorrow.



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