People are Freaking Out Over Rudy Giuliani's 'Pants [Pooping] Panic' Under the Gun with Chris Cuomo

[Screenshot from The Hill via Twitter,]
[Screenshot from The Hill via Twitter,]


Sometimes everything just gets all messed up.

On Thursday, Chris Cuomo questioned Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani as to whether he personally asked Ukraine to investigate former VP Joe Biden with regard to pro-Hillary 2016 election interference.


Rudy said he didn’t. Just a brief bit later, he replied that he “of course” did.


The interview, as described by The Daily Caller, “devolved into a series of arguments and insults.”

No wayChris Cuomo engaging in arguments and insults? You mean this guy? (language warning):

Yep, dadgummit — apparently, it’s true.

Here’s the Biden botch:

Rudy explained that he asked Ukraine to investigate allegations which “tangentially involved Joe Biden in a massive bribery scheme.”

The yes/no response quickly resulted in the Twitter hashtag #RudyGiulianiMeltdown.

People flipped over it.

Tom Gara of BuzzFeed News had this to say:

“There’s no better expression of the hell that is CNN’s nighttime reality TV lineup than Chris Cuomo noting at the beginning of this clip that his Giuliani interview had been going for 28 MINUTES.”

On Friday morning, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski suggested the former mayor of New York might’ve been sloshed:

“You guys were talking about the madness and, sort of, I don’t even know if there’s inebriation here. What is going on?”


Here’s more of the tussle:

Bradley P. Moss — national security lawyer — lamented Rudy was at one point, well, just look:

And Talking Points Memo Editor Josh Marshall just wrote, “HOLY SH** this is wild!”

And there was this:

But international affairs specialist Tom Nichols’s reaction took the cake. Or expelled it:

Rudy’s a fiery guy, and there’s no more inflamed a topic than the terrible 2016 election — the night which, as we all know, factually proved there’s a ceiling for women in politics (here). Don’t Democrats want it investigated ’til the cows come home?

After all — Hillary ran “the best campaign, [she even became] the nominee, and [then had] the election stolen from [her]” (here).

Although, to be fair, not everybody’s on board with that idea:


But that guy’s probably sloshed.



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