A New York Shootout with a Career Criminal Ends with Onlookers Shouting Death to the Cops. How Did We Get Here?



On Tuesday in The Big Apple, cops got in a shootout with a career criminal following a call of domestic assault.

When all was said and done, an officer had been shot in the hand, the assailant was dead, and witnesses were shouting death to law enforcement.


According to The New York Post, some yelled, “Get the **** out of here,” while one man belted out…let’s say…a request for oral gratification.

There was also “All of y’all can die! I hope that happens!”

The man who was killed had been arrested 16 times. He was initially tased but still managed to fire at police.

As for the expressed wishes for cop casualties, a law enforcement source told the Post it’s no new experience:

“You hear this more and more. The public just has no respect for cops. All they want to do is fight cops. It never used to be that way.”

The source blamed the cultural shift on Mayor Bill de Blasio, who in June, characterized ICE as a weapon out to get NYC residents in the country illegally:

But the source believes it began much earlier.

From The Daily Wire:

“It all started with de Blasio. He’s the one to blame for the way the public treats cops,” citing the 2014 ambush slayings of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. A third source echoed, “Are you surprised? Somebody’s shooting at a police officer and nobody cares. … They’re more concerned about the perp than the cop who’s there to protect them. You call the police to do a job, a cop gets shot, but they’re upset that a guy who was shooting a cop is dead.”

In 2015, after the ambush murders of Liu and Ramos, at the service honoring them, dozens of New York City police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio.


And that wasn’t the only time. During the funeral for assassinated officer and mom of three Miosotis Familia, hundreds of the NYPD turned their backs to Mayor Bill.

The parolee who shot her in the head as she sat in a marked vehicle with her partner was known for making anti-cop threats on social media.

It definitely says a lot when onlookers curse the cops instead of the criminal. It’s a shift, possibly due to past wrongs on multiple sides — broadcasted incidents such as this certainly don’t help things.

Any and all of those are wrongs which need to be made right.

Putting aside this particular incident — about which we can’t be sure of the details — what do you think has caused such an overall change?

I look forward to hearing from you.



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