'Cause We Can't Have Politics in School: Varsity Cheerleaders Get Put on Probation for Posing with a Trump 2020 Sign

[Screenshot from ABC13 Houston via Twitter, https://twitter.com/abc13houston/status/1173937414462758912]
[Screenshot from ABC13 Houston via Twitter, https://twitter.com/abc13houston/status/1173937414462758912]


North Carolina’s North Stanly High wants students to show their school colors but not their political ones.


On August 30th — before a Friday night football home game — a group from the cheer squad posed with a banner that read…**Trigger Warning**…”Trump 2020: ‘Make America Great Again.'”


Photos of the ghastly endeavor made their way across social media, and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association acted fast.

According to the Daily Mail, the entire squad was placed on “probation,” which means they can’t cheer for a whole year.

The Associated Press reports Stanly County Schools Superintendent Jeff James made clear the intention of the probation: To make sure the guilty gals “don’t do it again.”

And why? Because all NC high schools have a policy against students displaying political signs.

Officials explained:

“The focus of Friday night football games should be on our students — the players, cheerleaders, band members — the focus should not be on politics. For this reason, we are hopeful the situation will resolve, and our student athletes can have a successful fall season.”


But some are calling hogwash: A Facebook event was created, encouraging backers of the girls to attend this week’s game in support.

As for the district’s rule: So school shouldn’t be about politics? That sounds great; when do we start?

Take a ganders:

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Hey — I just thought of something: Since the students are individuals, but the school is funded by taxpayers, isn’t it the school that should never be political, but students should be free to voice their opinions? Aw, I’m probably just turned around.


In the meantime, there is one bit of good news:

The cheerleaders will be on probation for a year but are expected to continue cheering.

Punishment ain’t what it used to be.



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