Joy Behar Knows: If the Hurricane Had Hit a Country Full of Only White People, Trump Would Let Them All Come Here

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By my estimation, there’s nothing dumber than when critics of Trump — or of any public figure — assume they know the inner workings of the person.


If you think someone’s done or said something wrong, it seems reasonable to point it out. But when you start talking about their heart, their secret ambitions and untold dreams, etc., you’ve jumped the shark.

Wanna watch some impressive waterskiing? Check out MSNBC or CNN any day of the week.

On Tuesday’s installment of The View, co-host Joy Behar put on her life vest, grabbed a rope, and laid back to the sounds of an idling motor about to pick up speed. Jaws was waiting.

It wasn’t Joy’s first time out — she’s previously schooled the world on what the President thinks, what he wants…and that for which he hankers, apparently, is good things for only white people.

During a panel discussion about hurricane-affected Bahamians unable to come to the U.S. — who Trump said must have “proper documentation” — Joy pushed the idea that The Donald doesn’t wanna help because they’re non-Caucasian.

But first, she made a point that completely contradicted that, referencing the President’s assertion that “some very bad people” live there:

“You know, this is a guy who had the Taliban — he’s going to have a big meeting with the Taliban. He loves Kim Jong-Un and Putin, and yet these people who are fleeing a hurricane are suddenly criminals. He’s so despicable. He makes my head stand up — my hair. I can’t stand him.”

So he “loves” a North Korean and Middle Easterners?

Pssst. Joy. Those people aren’t white. You’re neutering your message.


Sunny Hostin added that The Donald “didn’t have a problem with the Bahamas when he hosted the 2009 Miss Universe pageant [there] and he was tweeting about it and wanted everybody to not only go to the Bahamas but watch it live. So, again, it’s the hypocrisy.”

Is it hypocrisy when he hasn’t said he “has a problem” with the Bahamas?

Putting aside the issue of assistance to victims of Hurricane Dorian, as for whether or not there are criminals in the Caribbean commonwealth, enjoy a February write-up from South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel: “Armed Robbery, Burglary and Rape Common in Bahamas, State Department Warns Travelers.”

Or…aw heck, let’s just do insults. Hit it, Joy:

“It’s just cruel. It’s inhumane. He just lacks humanity. … But he’s a person who keeps children in cages. Remember who you’re dealing with here.”

Meghan McCain was sympathetic to the general notion of easing up on hurricane victims:

“I do think when we talk about the border and when we talk about things like natural disasters hitting people’s homes, the humanity seems completely removed from it. The best part about America, is I still believe — like Ronald Reagan said — we are a shining beacon on the hill. So why can’t we help our friends in the Bahamas who, by the way, help a lot of rich people with taxes and tax shelters down there and have 6 million Americans coming from tourism every year?”

Then Joy hit the note for which we’ve all been waiting — that hugbuggin’ lover of Asians and Middle Easterners is clearly exclusively a lover of only whites:


“I think if they had a hurricane in Norway and they were all coming here, I think he would be fine with that.”

Shark jumped.



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