David Hogg Makes a Stunningly Ignorant Claim About Buying Guns vs Voting, and Twitter Eats Him Alive



We’re living in an age of participation trophies and selfie sticks.

And for some reason, people are being encouraged to speak on things about which they’re completely unaware.


Black-masked fascists are fascistically fighting for fascism while calling themselves the opposite as some applaud and agree (here).

Revolutionaries are hocking socialism without ever having stopped to find out what it means (here).

Black people are being called white supremacists (here).

People are raging with bigotry while condemning the word (here).

Why know things? Why make sense? Just assume you already know all that is in the world, with no reason to think so. It can get you elected to Congress (here).

It can also land you a position as noted activist — just witness David Hogg’s recent point-making tweet:

You might think he’d wanna find out if that’s true first. But nope!

So here we go:




People offered a variety of angles:



So there ya go, folks.

But I’ve saved the best for last.


It doesn’t get better than this:



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