AOC Fights the Racism of Heterosexuality, Bails Out Antifa, and Buries Her Virtue So Deep Jacques Cousteau Couldn't Find It

On Saturday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to bat for battiness.

As I covered on the 31st, Boston’s Straight Pride Parade flexed its feathers despite protests (here).


Oddly, some accused parade participants of bigotry.

Witness an ode to contemporary idiocy: A group of people tries to shout down a point of view as they accuse others of “bigotry,” which means “intolerance for an opposing view.”

But this is where we are — as I stated recently (here), words no longer mean anything.

Apropos, on the scene were individuals reportedly identified with Antifa.

From USA Today:

Protesters, including many who identified with the anti-fascist group Antifa, shouted “Nazi scum!”


And as per The Boston Herald:

“We’re covered in black so when we attack these guys we can’t be prosecuted,” said Jon Crowley, an Antifa member who told the Herald that he felt violence was the only way to deal with the people marching in the parade, which went from Copley Square to City Hall Plaza. “They are fascists, 100%. How else are you going to get them to shut up?”

Some goons got pinched and thrown in the clink.

According to previously brain-bashed conservative journalist Andy Ngo (here), a number of those arrested were guilty of assault and battery on police officers:


Luckily, the ‘rested ralliers have a friend in Washington — cowfart fighter AOC is here to make it A-Okay.

Hence this:

“One way to support the local LGBTQ community impacted by Boston’s white supremacist parade? Contribute to the Bail Fund for the activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community.”

I dare you to make sense of that.

Twitter tried:


Unlike Antifa, one tweeter owns a dictionary:

Sydney Watson had a question:

The Daily Caller was scratching its head, too:

The Caller reached out to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s office to ask why she is supporting individuals who openly planned violence and allegedly assaulted police officers, but received no comment.

Antifa groups across the United States have engaged in violence with many conservatives and journalists in general in recent years.

Aw, cut the black-masked, violent living embodiments of irony some slack; as Don Lemon’s said of Antifa, “No organization is perfect.”

Alexandria is right: It’s time for America to come together and fight the white supremacy of heterosexuality on display (which, to me — incidentally — is silly).

Thankfully, as for the “LGBTQ community impacted” by the parade, they were fully represented — by Grand Marshal Milo Yiannopoulos:




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