Texas Student Gets Questioned and Searched After Posting a Photo of Himself With a Gun - from Four Years Ago



On Thursday, RedState’s Brandon Morse covered the story of a teen banned from school in light of videos of him target-shooting with his mom.


Well, let’s raise the sensitivity. Who needs current video? How about a nearly half-decade old picture?

In Iola, Texas, a male student was searched after he posted a 4-year-old photograph of himself firing a handgun — with an adult present, no less.

As per The Daily Wire, the image was displayed on Facebook with a caption containing the word “school.”

Hence, two other students reported it to the school.

The teen was subsequently questioned and searched.

Scott Martindale — superintendent for the Independent School District, attempted to defend the move by championing its brevity to KBTX-TV3:

“It took us five minutes to handle this situation and handle it appropriately.”

He explained that the action was taken due to the caption including the word “school,” even though — by his own admission — it “did not threaten the school whatsoever; it just mentioned the school.”

So the photo was 4 years old, but maybe it looked recent? 

Slim chance: In the picture, the kid was 9 years old.

Regardless, the caption was the real problem, according to Grimes County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Daniel Wagnon:

“The issue was not that the juvenile had a firearm, he was under adult supervision at the time he had the firearm. The sole reason for the investigation was that the comment was made about the school in conjunction with a firearm.”

Now how’s this: As stated by KBTX, despite the fact that no threat was determined, the student will be “disciplined according to district policy.”


Additionally, although no charges have yet been filed, the “County Attorney is also reviewing the case.”

“Better safe than sorry” isn’t an unwise saying. But given that officials aren’t reporting the exact caption, I’d guess it was employed in an embarrassingly benign way.

One might expect Texas would have a lot to investigate if photos of guns were cause for alarm. They sure would where I come from.



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