Joe Biden OverWoking it: Illegal Immigrants 'Become American' Before Many 'Americans Become Americans'

Former Vice President Joe Biden mimics shooting a gun as he speaks at the Chuck Hagel Forum in Global Leadership, on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, in Omaha, Neb., Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)




Pandering is a brutal thing to watch. And as 2020 looms, Democratic hopefuls are increasingly working to outwoke each other.

In the skirmish, we’re sure to see what will appear as goofballs making more and more absurd statements about illegal immigration, given the Dem platform going the way of no borders to the United States of America.

Buckle up for buffoonery.

“Illegal immigrants are good.” “What?! They’re GREAT!” “I think illegal immigrants are the best!” “They’re what America wants!” “Wants?! No, needs!” “They’re better than Oreos!” “No, they’re better than double-stuffed Oreos!” “How dare you?! They’re better than 500 double-stuffed Oreos!” “They’re better than a million-gajillion triple-stuffed Oreos!”

I can’t fully express my disappointment to have grown up only to find that adults’ behavior is far, far, far more stupid than I could’ve ever imagined.

And in politics, it’s especially difficult to take in.

The ether often seems nothing but hot air, a cosmic fart from all the disingenuous absurdity from people posing and postulating preposterous premises.

Right now, Joe Biden appears determined to transform himself from an old man born in 1942 with a history of saying triggering, “problematic” things (here and here) to an AOC-style, dopier-but-hipper revolutionary (here and here).


At some point, is he going to have a moment of clarity not unlike the middle-aged man who suddenly realizes that — in an attempt to be stylish — he’s dressed like a 15-year-old and looks ridiculous?

We’ll see.

For now, he’s out on the trail sportin’ an H&M hoodie and some Adidas Yeezy’s.

And on Thursday, Obama’s former right-hand man argued that Congress must grant legal status to millions who sneaked into the country as minors. The reason: They’re more American — not even just as American — than many kids who are actually Americans.

In his own words:

“We have to find a pathway for DREAMers. You know DREAMers? I love people that say ‘Let’s send them back.’ Can you imagine you’re four years old, your mom says you’re crossing the Rio Grande, and you say, ‘No mom, I don’t want to go, we’re going to stay here’? Come on. Come on.”

Here’s the forced oddity:

“And these kids who come — and they end up doing well — they become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans.”

Kind of an overreach, Joe. You strained so hard, you ceased to make sense. Maybe just loosen your grip a hair.

“No, I’m serious, they get in school, they do well, they contribute to the community, they contribute to the country.”

Joe laid out his plan:

“Number one: We legalize the DREAMers. Number two: I would send, immediately, an amendment to the desk of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives — a bill to the desk — that said the following: We have to find a pathway to citizenship, earned citizenship, for the 11 million undocumented. Thirdly, the idea that we are changing our nature as a people by not allowing the notion of people seeking asylum here — what’s that Statue of Liberty all about? It’s about asylum. And the idea that I would be surging asylum judges to the border to make sure these people had hearings.”


Biden also insisted border detention centers aren’t necessary:

“We don’t need them. We found that — when we were in office — in fact, if you decided we finally got things under control, we finally said if you have to report back for a hearing on such-and-such a date, people show up.”

There’s at least some evidence that isn’t true.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

[A]cting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan recently rebuked that claim while testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in June. During the committee hearing, McAleenan revealed that 90% of recent asylum seekers have skipped their court hearings.

Biden’s focused, fired up, and he’s bustin’ into the saloon with both guns blazin’.

He’s a cowboy.

Will he snag the nomination?

Or will he be stopped by that American Indian, Elizabeth Warren?

It’s gonna be a heck of a showdown.



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