NYT's 'Conservative Republican' Has a Lot to Teach Us About Trump: He's Immoral and Insane



Ever notice that some of the conservatives or Republicans propped up by mainstream media organizations don’t always come across as conservative or Republican?


Could something be awry?

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, New York Times GOP man Bret Stephens made a gutsy statement on Donald J. Trump.

Actually, he made a few. As reported by Mediaite, here’s one:

“You have behavior that is unprecedented in any kind of presidential history in the United States or, frankly, elsewhere.”

Elsewhere? No one, ever, anywhere has acted like Trump?

Regardless, Mr. Stephens sounds like a real party guy. Not that I’m in favor of party over principle.

Bret sure as heck ain’t.

Here’s more:

“So when I hear guys like Erick [Erickson] saying, ‘Wow, you know, at the end of the day, this is a choice,’ you know, I’d actually rather have a candidate, on the Democratic side, who at least doesn’t scare me every single morning.”

Wait, who is this guy?

He’s a dude who, last September, called Ted Cruz “a serpent covered in Vaseline.”

Bret thinks Trump’s Republican reign is a bunch of nonsense:

“The reality of the Trump presidency is the noise is the signal, and it’s dangerous.”

He’s definitely worried about China:

“We are blundering our way into a contest with the Chinese that’s not about national security. It’s a contest of face between two leaders who see themselves as, essentially, you know, supreme leaders, and from which neither of them is easily going to back down. We ended up in a war in World War II, in part because we were trying to impose an economic embargo on Japan. These things have a precedent, and they’re worrisome. We should be worried about China. But trying to wage a trade war with it — with no outcome in sight — is going to have consequences.”


But what can you expect from a Commander-in-Chief who’s either a sleazeball or a whack job?

Bret’s own words, to host Chuck Todd:

“]The President] is either mentally unwell or morally unfit, maybe both.”

And that, my friends, is your representative conservative Republican. Courtesy of The New York Times.



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