Actor Gary Sinise Celebrates a 25-Year Partnership Honoring America's Disabled Veterans

[Screenshot from Gary Sinise Foundation,]
[Screenshot from Gary Sinise Foundation,]


Hollywood actors routinely generate news, but Gary Sinise is making headlines for something far more notable than anything in the realm of make-believe or celebrity.


This week, the Forrest Gump star is celebrating 25 years of service with the Disabled American Veterans advocacy group.

Gary began work for America’s servicemen and -women after receiving an award from DAV following his performance as alcoholic, double-amputee veteran Lieutenant Dan in the 1994 Oscar-winning film — for which he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor.

The accolade announced, “Your superb performance brought awareness of the lifelong sacrifice of disabled veterans back into public consciousness in a remarkable positive way.”

Gary’s music endeavor, the Lt. Dan Band — which formed in 2004 to entertain troops and raise money for vets — has performed 15 shows at the yearly DAV convention.

As stated by a press release from the Gary Sinise Foundation, since receiving the initial recognition from DAV on August 21st, 1994, his involvement with the organization has included nine years as national spokesperson for the building of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in D.C., which had its dedication and grand opening in 2014.

At that ceremony, Gary quoted Abraham Lincoln:

“Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”

Congratulations to Gary and his quarter-century partnership with DAV saluting those who have freely given of their lives for our continued liberty in the greatest nation in the world.




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