Not Content to Make Less a Goof of Herself, Pelosi Encourages Dems to 'Throw a Punch.' For the Children, of Course



On Friday, Nancy Pelosi was given an opportunity to say something inane.

She took it.


“So you have to be ready to take a punch. You have to be ready to take a punch.”


And perhaps, more importantly:

“And therefore, you have to be ready to throw a punch.”

She then came to a fork in the road. Right = Leave it at that; Left = Go Dumber.

Left it is:

“[Y]ou have to be ready to throw a punch. For the children. Throw a punch for the children!”

Yay! Punches all around! For the kids!

The Daily Caller commented:

Pelosi has also repeatedly lost her train of thought and made rambling statements in public appearances, such as, “the sooner the money … the better it is” and “last week, soybean futures hit a nine-year low. Soy boyn…soybean futures hit a nine-year low.”

I don’t assume her “punch” comment was the product of confusion. Nor do I think it was any less absurd than many other comments she’s made.

The best I can tell, Nancy doesn’t put “Things That Make Sense” high on the list of priorities when it comes to what words pass over her bottom teeth. She appears to only utter what’s dictated by the politics and goofiness of the moment.

If it’s ludicrous and painfully disingenuous, I think the lady’s interested.

A few examples:


That’s not a far cry from endorsing some kind of daffy political violence.

Want Nancy nonsense? Take your pick.

And take a punch. She’s ready to throw one.



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