Adam Schiff's Under Threat of Being Unseated by a Drag Queen - Because America Needs 'More Everyday People in Congress'



Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s got someone gunnin’ for his seat.

Earlier this year, in a hip area of LA, history was made: A drag queen was elected to local government.


And now that dandy dude — who snagged a place on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council — is comin’ for Adam.

That’s right: In 2020, the entertainer known as Maebe A. Girl will be maybe a congressman.

According to Route Fifty, Maebe will go face-to-heavily-made-up-face with Adam in an open primary.

Maebe considers Adam an ally of homosexuals. But he believes the gay community needs an actual gay person in the House of Representatives defending their interests, not just some friend of theirs tryin’ to get the job done:

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COUNCIL UPDATES! Last night at the SLNC Governing Board Special Meeting we approved our 2019-2020 budget, $14,300 of which will be designated for Neighborhood Purpose Grants. If you or someone you know is part of a 501c3 organization in Silver Lake, inquire with the SLNC about how your organization can apply for a grant. ✅We voted to submit a Community Impact Statement to the City of LA through the SLNC Homelessness Committee to address homeless encampment clean-ups, with the recommendation to approach this sensitive subject with more compassion. Rather than random “sweeps” the recommendation is to have scheduled cleanups in an effort to provide notice and allow individuals to gather their personal belongings, which often include personal identification and prescriptions that can be so difficult for homeless people to reobtain once they’ve been thrown out. ✅We voted to form an Ad-Hoc Committee on Housing & Homelessness to meet at least four times annually lead by Councilmember Samantha Danner. This is separate from, but will work in conjunction with, the Homelessness in Silver Lake Committee. ✅We voted to create a housing and homelessness resources page on the SLNC website in collaboration with relevant committees such as the Housing & Tenants Rights, Mature Adults and LGBTQIA committees. ✅We voted to approve the formation of a Latinx Committee lead by Councilmember @dulcestein The mission statement and scope of the Latinx Committee in Silver Lake will be discussed at our next public meeting on July 10. Inquire about how you can get involved with this particular committee. ✅We voted to submit a CIS supporting CD 4 Councilmember Ryu’s letter to the City Council Transportation Committee which supports the road diet on Rowena and calls for further safety measures. ✅We voted to create an Ad-Hoc Committee concerning the LADWP Modular Building scheduled to be built at the Silver Lake Reservoir in November 2019. Stay tuned for more COUNCIL UPDATES and GET INVOLVED!! 📸 @chloeniks #councilupdates #slnc #silverlake #councilwoman #maebeagirl #dragqueen #lgbtq #lgbt #trans #latinx #homelessness #politics #government #losangeles

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Right now, Washington’s all messed up — Congress is full of rich white guys. Maebe wants to fix that hogwash; it’s time for Capitol Hill to get some regular ol’ everyday-American folks:

“We need more everyday people in Congress—its overwhelmingly older, white, wealthy men, and that’s just not representative of America, or my district.”

So does Maebe wanna be a congressman or congresswoman? Well, as per People, he identifies as transgender, which means, of course, he fancies himself female. But he also considers himself gender fluid, which — I’m assuming — means he’s neither and both and other sexes, too.

He’s the real him, and he’s also Maebe:

“People will say ‘I can’t take her seriously with that name, but it’s really just a statement about gender norms. I don’t feel like there’s a difference between Maebe A. Girl and me.”

In 2018, Adam received over 75% of the vote.

But Maebe’s got a secret weapon:

“It’s…hard for people to ignore you in drag.”

Absolutely true.

Maybe we’ll see Adam rise to the occasion and fight fire with fire. Maybe he’ll become Adaline Schiff.




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