Sean Hannity Responds to Chris Cuomo's Expletive-Filled Maniacal Rant, & the Fox Host's Take Is Jaw-Dropping



Chris Cuomo completely humiliated himself.

He looked like a huge nut.

It was incredible.


I’m talking, of course, about his antics on CNN.


Also — if you haven’t heard — over the weekend, he did his best to launch a viral video in which he acts like an idiot.

Who are these talking heads we see on the boob tube?

Watch Chris positioning himself on high here:


Now witness the paragon of virtue under a tent Sunday, reportedly in Shelter Island, NY (and buckle up for a whooooooole lotta bad language):

Well, another talking head has weighed in on the startling confrontation.

Fox News man Sean Hannity spoke up on the Twitter, and honestly, I’m shocked:


What the heck??

Others were befuddled as well:

But this guy pointed out no kids were around for the melee:

Is Sean way more “street” than most have given him credit for? Are he and Chris two peas in a f***in’ pod?

Or was he being sarcastic?

I’m anxious to know what you think — sound off in the Comments section.

In my opinion, Chris comes across as a rich guy from a rich family who desperately wants to feel and appear tough, who’s doing the only thing he thinks can convey that: change his accent and just cuss a lot.

What do you @#?! think?

While you’re formulating your conclusions, enjoy another video of a filthy rich guy trying punishingly hard to seem different: Hilariously and pitifully, Beto blows it here.




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