Stop What You're Doing, Put Your Worries Aside, & Let This Child Sing - She Has a Message We Need to Hear



Grace Anna Rodgers is amazing.

The 9-year-old entered the world with “spine-crushing dwarfism.”

When she was born, doctors said the cherubic child would likely be deaf, and that her scoliosis — part of a condition called Conradi Hunermann syndrome — could impair her ability to breathe.


How’s that deaf prediction looking now? And you can’t carry a tune without a breath.

She’s been singing since she was 18 months old, and let me tell ya — the girl is good.

In 2013, she became a YouTube sensation thanks to her rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

She was 3.

Ever seen a bunch of little kids stand in front of people and sing? At a school program? A church commencement? Most of them stare at their shoes. Or mumble through.

Not Grace.

She lets it go.

But there were forces at work to see that she never made it onto a stage: Her mother, Angie, writes on the little entertainer’s official website, “Doctors tried to get us to abort her over five different times. It never was an ‘option’ for us.”

And it hasn’t always been easy:

“She has overcome many obstacles including being born blind due to cataracts, severe kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine, and other health issues. She has many other health issues she deals with daily. We almost lost her in 2012 due to complications after surgery. We travel to other states for her health care as far as Maryland as well as in our home state of Kentucky.”

But this little girl is special:

“[S]he is never in a bad mood. She is always singing and happy. She is super smart and loves to entertain. She is a blessing each and every day. God truly gave us a little girl that touches our souls.”

Sometimes the world seems overcome by darkness. What has become of the human heart?


To see it beating boldly, watch Grace.

Some people were put on this earth to move us. To teach us. To remind us of things we might otherwise forget. Or never learn. Some people were placed here to do something no one else can do. To inspire us in a way only they can.

Some people were born to sing.

Show them who you are, sweetheart.



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