Beto Tweets Condemnation to a President Who Doesn't Exist & Continues His Vapid Contribution to the Politics of Nothingness



Can you imagine a Trump era in which Democrats said things that were relevant and made sense? One in which they didn’t just say incredibly absurd things that sounded good but had no tether to reality, consistency, or productivity?


Beto O’Rourke apparently can’t. He seems to be doing his darndest to make sure nothing ever spoken in the political sphere has any worth whatsoever.

Let’s just all say nonsense! Blah blah blah! YAY!

Does he think uttering the most vapid ideas possible is the best way to get elected? Admittedly, it’s not an idea without precedence.

Still, I’d enjoy him much more if there were things making their way past his teeth that were of use.

In March, he wanted everyone to know something: The man who inherited his wealth — that would be, millions — and married into millions — that would be $500 million…

Oy…I’ll say it again: The man who inherited and married into over half a billion dollars…wanted everybody to know what he’s here to fight against…wait for it…privileged wealth.

He actually said something that stupid.

After releasing that, how did he ever again get to say anything people would even consider?

That remark is the posterchild for the very worst politics has to offer.

He wants to break apart privilege:


Except, evidently, his own.

And who’s responsible for the El Paso mass murders? Not the murderer:

These are the sounds of a guy — I would have to think — wanting so badly to win the presidency, but not knowing how to (or not wanting to) say anything worth making it to ears.

Witness his latest offering:

“In a country with a president who called for a ban on all Muslims—one where Muslim Americans confront discrimination, ignorance, and violence—we must not only tolerate our differences, but celebrate them. Join me in wishing Eid Mubarak to all those recognizing Eid Al-Adha.”


Okay, let’s highlight the lowlight:

First of all, we don’t live in a country where “a president [has ever] called for a ban on all Muslims.” That’s never happened, doofus.

To my knowledge, there has literally never existed such a country. Not only in North America, but anywhere on the planet.

Secondly — and here’s so much more of his hypocrisy, and of the useless of his words. Does he think at all about what he’s saying? Is he intentionally touting the opposite of what he does, or is there simply no route from his vocal chords, through his brain, before the Big Exit?

It isn’t at all true that we must celebrate the ways in which someone differs from us. If I love peanut butter with pickles, and you don’t, you don’t therefore owe me a PB&P parade. In fact, you don’t owe me anything at all.

I get no points for simply not being you.

No one owes anyone any affirmation for anything they believe, say, or do, in any way, ever.

Thirdly, no one does this. No one “celebrates diversity.” It’s a completely idiotic idea — why would you celebrate the things you believe are wrong?

That’s the notion to which the idea refers. But in reality, you believe, say, and do that which you think is right; if you thought something else was right — and, therefore, worthy of praise — you would choose to do that instead.


Here’s a perfect example of not celebrating those who think, say, and do differently:

Where’s his celebration of Trump for being different than he?

Here’s another:

Where’s his celebration of what he (dishonestly) asserts is different than he?

He’s spoken against Trump; he’s spoken against Ted Cruz; he’s spoken against Republicans; he’s spoken against conservatism. According to his ridiculous tweet, he had an absolute responsibility to do the exact opposite in every case. He was wholly obligated to celebrate all they are.

Where’s your party hat, Beto?

Politics is some thick sludge to dredge through (like Biden’s op-ed). Can’t Beto O’Rourke give us a break and stop saying the stupidest things possible?

If he did, I’d celebrate it.



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