FBI Arrests Alleged Would-Be Neo-Nazi Terrorist Before He Can Commit Mass Murder at a Las Vegas Synagogue



The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement Friday revealing details of a Las Vegas security guard’s arrest.

The 23-year-old’s been “charged by a criminal complaint with one count of possession of an unregistered firearm – namely, the component parts of a destructive device.”

That’d be…like one of these:

As per the 11-page criminal complaint lodged against him, the man was allegedly engaged in encrypted communication with those identifying with the National Socialist Movement in order to attack a synagogue in the desert town. Additionally, he may have been surveilling an LGBTQ-friendly bar for nefarious reasons.

What’s the NSM all about? According to the District of Nevada Attorney’s Office, it’s this:

Members believe in the superiority of the white race and have a common goal of challenging the established laws, social order, and government via terrorism and other violent acts.

Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News reports that the Las Vegas Joint Terrorism Task Force began investigating the man in April, after it was learned he was messaging with neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division.

The guy’s got uncanny taste in friends.

During a search, officials discovered “a notebook with several hand-drawn schematics for a potential Las Vegas-area attack.” Also drawn: “timed explosive devises.”

Yeah — this guy could use an intervention.

It just keeps getting worse — in his bedroom, law enforcement found bomb parts and explosive-friendly chemicals. Bonus: an “AR-15-style rifle and a bolt-action rifle.”


Definitely intervention material.

The guns were impounded.

Here’s what FBI Las Vegas Division Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse had to say about all this:

“The FBI’s Las Vegas Joint Terrorism Task Force is committed to protecting our community from any threat of domestic terrorism and I could not be more proud of the work they did in this case. … As this complaint illustrates, the FBI will always be proactive to combat threats that cross a line from free speech to potential violence.”

Assuming the charges are accurate, thank God agencies intercepted the man and his efforts. We could’ve been soon reading about the death and destruction he caused. Instead, we’re finding out he faces up to a decade in prison.

Law enforcement took care of business.

Surely right now, there are other would-be terrorists. As George W. Bush directed after 9/11, we must stay vigilant. Observe and report. For most every evil deed, I believe, there were signs not taken seriously enough to prevent it.

But the citizens of Las Vegas can sleep a little bit more soundly tonight, knowing an armed and dangerous aspiring assassin is behind bars.

Now are you ready to see the guy? He already made the headlines, back in 2016. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Conor Climo, your trusty neighborhood watchman:




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