A Woman at the El Paso Memorial Gets Harangued by Chanters Over Her MAGA Hat: 'The Hat is Hate!'



At a memorial for murder victims in El Paso Wednesday, a woman in a MAGA hat received the brunt of anti-Trump hysteria.

What’s worse, by the way: People who know better saying ridiculous things about the President, or people who should know better believing them?


Either way, there was a group of — presumably — the latter at the service.

Subsequently, there arose the absurdity that Donald Trump is responsible for the evil which occurred Saturday morning, leaving 22 lost in its wake.

See for yourself:

Some chanted, “That hat is hate! That hat is hate!” One woman yelled, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists!”

This was just gross. Using tragedy to wage political war…at a time when the wounds are fresh…at a memorial…is beyond inappropriate.

But Democrats began jumping while there was still smoke coming out of the gun.


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Furthermore, consider this: There’s a tragedy in Baltimore (the city’s general condition), and Trump has no right to speak against it because he has no right to criticize (here); there are tragedies in El Paso and Dayton (murders), and Trump has no right to speak against them because he caused them — so says the criticism against him. Neither of these makes more sense than the other.

Some tweeters stood up to the chanters:




But at least one user clung to the idea that MAGA = KKK:





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