Attorneys File Their First Case Against the Boy Scouts, Call it the World's 'Largest Pedophile Ring'



It’s a bold statement.

During a Tuesday press conference, lawyers for alleged sexual victims of the Boy Scouts called the group the “largest pedophile ring” on earth as they demanded Congress take action.


At the Washington, D.C. briefing — marking the first filing by the Abused in Scouting legal team — attorneys lamented there’s been no congressional oversight of a massive sex abuse scandal with the famed, 2.3-million-member youth organization.

According to the lawsuit, legal representatives have discovered hundreds of former scouts with previously unreported claims of sexual abuse.

The suit — on behalf of a man identified as S.D. — was filed in Philadelphia.

The plaintiff accuses an assistant scoutmaster with ““actively [grooming] young boys under his charge for later sexual molestation.”

S.D. asserts he was assaulted “hundreds” of times over the course of four years in the 70’s, having been given alcohol and drugs to aid compliance — beginning at age 12 or 13.

As for the broader charges of abuse, they span eight decades and 48 states.

The filing names over 350 scout leaders across the country.

Lawyer Stewart Eisenberg elaborated:

“Each one of these 350 abusers has probably dozens of other victims who have not come forward.”

Attorney Tim Kosnoff called the Boy Scouts “the largest pedophile ring on earth.”

“This kind of abuse dwarves what we have seen in the Catholic Church cases,” he marveled. “And we’re just getting started.”

This is stunning.

Personally, I have no experience with the Scouts. But I’m sure some of you do.


What do you think of these allegations, in terms of their reflection on the organization as a whole? Could there be such a monster living within?

I look forward to reading your insight in the Comments section.



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