Amazing: Police Dash Cam Captures a Plane's Emergency Landing on a Busy Washington Highway (VIDEO)




On Thursday, a police dash cam caught a scene straight out of Hollywood.

An on-duty cop was driving his squad car on a busy Spanaway, Washington highway when he spotted a large vehicle coming straight for him.


And it wasn’t a Suburu, Jack!

Racing toward him through the air — like the DeLorean at the end of the first movie — was a winged wonder: a single-prop KR2 plane.


The officer turned around and followed, preserving for us all the aircraft’s absolutely incredible touchdown on that ubiquitous landing strip otherwise known as an American street.

The pilot was able to hit the brakes just in time for the red light.

Good thing — wouldn’t wanna get a ticket.

Speaking to Guardian News, patrolman Clint Thompson said he thought the airborne anomaly was a “remote-control plane” until it got closer and revealed itself as life-sized.

Enjoy the amazing video above.



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