As Guys Continue to Appropriate LadySports, a New Zealand Women's Group Petitions to Stop the Misogynistic Makeover



A New Zealand man’s been cleaning up in women’s powerlifting as of late, and a group of chicks sick of dudish domination is lobbying against it.


On Monday, the organization Speak Up for Women petitioned the Kiwi nation’s Olympic committee and sports minister to “defend women’s sport.”

Before announcing he was a woman while in his 30’s, Laurel Hubbard competed against guys. But putting in his sights people smaller, slower, and weaker really did his career up right somethin’ fierce: At the Pacific Games in Samoa earlier this month, of three events, he snagged two golds and a silver (here).

Laurel trounced Samoan runner-up and Commonwealth Games champion Feagaiga Stowers, much to some fans’ chagrin.

And now, he’s headed for Tokyo to wreak He-Man havoc on ladies from across the globe.

But Speak Up for Women spokeswoman Ani O’Brien says it’s baloney:

“[New Zealanders] know that males competing in women’s sport is blatantly unfair.”

The International Olympic Committee allows guys to join the gals so long as they can lower their testosterone below 10 nanomoles per liter for at least a year prior to competing.

But women’s testosterone is generally lower. And there’s this, as stated by Reuters:

[The simplicity of the testosterone stipulation] been criticized by some scientists, who say it does little to mitigate natural biological advantages enjoyed by male-born athletes, including bone and muscle density.


Powerlifting isn’t the only area of sports being manhandled. Kate Weatherly races women on a mountain bike; and since declaring himself female while in his teens, he’s become a national champion.

Despite his sexual advantage, the political peddler insists he’s “not winning by crazy margins and the anecdotal evidence does point to [him] having little to no advantage.”

Here’s a quote from Kate, for ya to think about all day:

“The opinions of scientists, although valid, are just that — opinions.”

Speak Up for Women is echoing the concerns of the UK’s Fair Play for Women, which recently posted to Twitter that sports organizations need to “wake up” in light of Laurel Hubbard’s Samoan sweep:

I’m a firm believer in freedom of personal expression; and if you truly believe the most right thing to do is change your name to Roger and buy some rouge, then I think you should give it a shot. As it seems to me, that should have nothing to do with cheating women out of their rightful athletic accomplishments.


But that’s exactly what’s happening, as the social Left continues to allow a misogynistic takeover.

Not good.



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