Following Cries of Racism Over Trump's Rodents Remark, Footage Surfaces of Baltimore's Dem Mayor: 'You Can Smell the Rats'



On Saturday, I covered CNN’s Victor Blackwell’s staggering come-apart over Donald Trump’s comments about Baltimore (here).

The President tweeted this:


Victor was on edge from the beginning of the segment, and he appeared to believe something I don’t understand: that it’s not okay to criticize a city if it’s the one in which he was born. What does one have to do with the other?

More importantly, Victor let us all know what Donald Trump’s about:

“[W]hen he tweets about ‘infestation,’ it’s about black and brown people.”

Oh boy.

Well, new information’s come to light that could take the punch out of Victor’s accusation.

Is The Donald really so paralyzingly petty and immature as to sit around obsessing over the shade of people’s skin? Does “infestation” prove that?

Take a ganders at the city’s Democratic mayor.

Here’s Catherine Pugh in 2018, complaining about Baltimore’s rats:


Racist much?

What does Victor think?

What do you?

Please let us all know in the Comments section.

Something definitely’s up — Catherine smells a rat.

For a tour of dilapidated Baltimore, please go here.



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