Regal Cinemas Becomes the 3rd Major Chain to Offer a Subscription. There's Never Been a Better Time to Go to the Movies



If you’re a movie lover, you should know about the new program by Regal Cinemas allowing you go to the theater a whole lot for a whole little.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, RC’s new offering is “the most aggressive…yet among the top three circuits in the U.S.”

Check it out:

Patrons willing to shell out $18 to $23.50 per month, along with a 12-month commitment, can view as many movies as they want on a standard format screen. The bigger the city, the more expensive it will be, such as in Los Angeles and New York.

Here’s how it works.

Prices are determined by the particular market and the number of locations you’d like to patron. For smaller markets, access to 200 venues can be gotten for $18. In the same markets, $21 will buy you a list of 400 movie halls.

In larger markets, $23.50 will snag you unlimited access to every Regal Cinemas location in every dadgum major city!

As stated by THR, the subscription service is set to be officially announced in the next few days. Details on the web indicate the plan will include a 10% discount for concession and free popcorn on your birthday.

If you haven’t heard of such a service before, MoviePass started the revolution in 2011. It’s still around, but it’s struggling.

Since the advent of MP, AMC’s released its own program, by which you can check out three movies per week for $20-24 per month.


Cinemark offers a similar service.

So get out there and see some movies for cheap!



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