Gay Rights Gets Tug-of-Warred in Poland, with Some Fighting Against 'LGBT Ideology' & for 'the Natural Order'



As the topics of homosexuality and transgenderism continue to soak into North American politics, a publication in Poland is resisting a similar trajectory.


Pro-government newspaper Gazeta Polska has begun distributing stickers declaring “LGBT-Free Zone.”

The result? Some retailers are boycotting.

As reported by Bloomberg:

The publicity stunt by Gazeta Polska — which coincided with attacks by far-right groups on a LGBT pride march in eastern Poland last weekend — has already triggered a litany of criticism and comparisons to Nazi-era propaganda calling for areas free from Jews.

According to Bloomberg writer Marek Strzelecki, even Poland’s “populist government, which has repeatedly used the issue of gay rights to polarize the electorate and boost turnout of its more conservative voters, has sought to distance itself from the latest wave of homophobia.”

A phobia is, of course, an irrational fear. Presumably, Marek means to reference, rather, anti-gay sentiment.

As for Gazeta Polska, the weekly publication recently served up an editorial which asserted, “LGBT is not a minority, it’s a paradigm which appears to have all the features of a totalitarian ideology.” Stickers were included with the issue.


The country’s ruling Law & Justice party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has noted “grave danger” for European families brought on by the advancement of gay rights.

Apropos, something around 30 cities have declared themselves “free from LGBT ideology” and any kind of “social engineering foreign to Polish culture and the natural order.”

Quite a different approach than that of anything around these parts. Particularly in Canada, legislation is creating some interesting entanglements. For one of the most, please see “Women In Vancouver Lose Their Businesses As A Man Tries To Legally Force Them Into Waxing His LadyScrotum.” It’s quite the hairy situation.



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