You've Heard of Sanctuary Cities? Maryland's Largest County Joins the #Resistance and Makes the News



You’ve heard of sanctuary cities. How ’bout a sanctuary county? Maryland’s got one, and it’s the largest county in the state.


As The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow (who admirably understands the greatness of The Dick Van Dyke Show) points out, “As of April 16, 2019, nine states including California, Illinois, and New Jersey claim to be Sanctuary States…” And the list of anti-government governments is growing.

Recently, both New York City and Los Angeles vowed to ignore federal law at the outset of Washington’s ICE raids to deport those who’ve refused court orders to return to their native lands (here and here).

And now there’s this: On Monday, Montgomery County officially became part of the #Resistance.

County Executive Marc Elrich will sign an executive order prohibiting the region from cooperating with the nation’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Here’s what Marc had to say:

“The Promoting Community Trust Executive Order aims to reaffirm current county policy and improve community security by ensuring that immigrant and otherwise vulnerable communities can engage with county departments.”

The statement was, of course, dishonest. Marc wasn’t referring to immigrants; he was, rather, referencing the opposite — those who chose to enter the country by alternate means instead of the provided immigration system. It’s an important distinction, as — to put it bluntly — most of the bull$#*@ in politics comes courtesy of an attempt at sleight of hand via misdirecting terms.


Change the wording. and voilà — everything’s different, Jack!

If you’d like to read about an immigrant, check out Kath Zhu, whose Miss World America crown was recently stripped (here).

Back to Marc, the directive will prevent county agencies from asking anyone requesting public assistance about their immigration status.

Acting Police Chief Marcus Jones affirmed the position to Washington’s Top News:

“We have no direct contact with ICE about any immigration issues. We’re not doing any operations with ICE in Montgomery County. That’s not our job to monitor that. That’s forbidden against our policy.”

More from WTOP-FM:

Jones said if ICE seeks to deport someone who is in police custody, then ICE needs to track that person independently and deal with the situation without the police department’s assistance.

We’ve come to a strange place when America is defying…America.



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