There's a New Joint in Town: West Hollywood Gets America's First Cannabis Restaurant



If you’re in the Los Angeles area and looking for a relaxing restaurant, you should check out Lowell Farms — they have great weed.

Or, at least, they will soon.


That’s right — In a history-making move, West Hollywood’s Business License Commission has approved the United States of America’s first cannabis restaurant.

The joint joint will open its doors at 1201 N. La Brea Avenue — right across the street from a synagogue, which sometimes holds events in its outdoor area. The house of worship wasn’t too thrilled about a place dedicated to He Who Sits on High being butted — or, budded — up against an establishment devoted to He Who Sits High, so a rabbi at Tuesday’s meeting requested the license be rejected.

But that plan went to pot.

So what’s the new WeHo eaterie — or, weederie — gonna be like?

Well, here’s partly why the rabbi was concerned.

As reported by

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe will be an open-air restaurant…and promises cannabis cuisine and a smoking area.

Though, to be fair:

[Lowell]  promised an air filtration system like the one used in casinos to gain unanimous approval from the city.

And it’s just in time for the trend of green, leafy vegetables — a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association revealed that plant-based ingredients are currently all the rage. That includes the devil’s lettuce — of the 650 chefs who took part, 75% named cannabis/CBD-infused food as the #2 most popular fad. The #1? Cannabis-infused drinks.


We’ve certainly come a long way from Reefer Madness (which I’m embedding below; check it out — it’s absolutely hilarious).

Lowell Farms will be in good company — in nearby Hollywood, Weedmaps is prepping for their August opening of the Museum of Weed.

According to Patch, this’ll be its 7 exhibits:

● Pre-Prohibition: Depicts the early history of the many uses of cannabis and hemp.
● Age Of Madness: Provides a visual look at the hysteria perpetuated by prohibition.
● Counterculture Revolution: Explores cannabis’ journey into the fabric of the 60s, from the hippie culture to activism.
● Behind Closed Doors: Takes visitors to the start of the war on drugs, when Richard Nixon introduced the DEA, and the people responded with foundations like NORML.
● Entrapment: Delves into the Reagan years and the government-driven propaganda that led to systematic mass incarceration of minorities.
● Dose of Compassion: Shows how the AIDS epidemic drove California’s ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana through a slice of life story.
● Legalization: A look at how both medicinal and recreational cannabis reform has evolved over the last decade and how pop culture has aided in normalizing cannabis.
● The Plant Lab: An interactive exhibit that explores everything from cannabinoids to terpenes and the latest technology and breakthrough medical research that can help shape the future of the plant and its role in society.


So there ya go.

If you’re in LA and you’ve got the munchies — or want them — head on over to Lowell Farms. I hear its Yelp score is very, very high.

Bong Appètit!



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